Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roxie's Recovery 1

Well Roxie has been home from the vet since Wed. It has been a long few days of worrying. But I am glad she is home and from what I can tell she is doing pretty good. She has coughed a few times on Friday and a few more times on Saturday which was scary but she quickly recovered and didn't act like it was anything that she really had to recover from. She would act like everything was fine afterwards and go about her business. We have not been keeping her totally confined. But she has been taking it easy and sleeping alot on the couch and in the recliner. Some vets told me to keep her totally confined the one that I seen before she came home Wed told me to have her be a normal lazy dog. No excitement but she could be out to walk around and be a comfortable lazy dog. Even though I originally wanted to keep her totally crated. I feel she might be a little safer if we did. But she gets worked up and I don't want her to be depressed during her recovery so she is on her lazy dog schedule. Which in some ways works out well. We let her sleep with us at night. But I don't always sleep at night. I normally start sleeping after John heads to work or a few hours later. So she stays in bed till I get up with no excitement because all the dogs stay in bed till I get up. So Rox stays in bed all night and half the next day. When I do get up I make them food and put her in her kennel to eat and calm down from the burst of energy she has in the morning. Once I see she has totally calmed down I let her out. If I see any kind of excitement we say "in" and she heads into her kennel to lay down. For the time being she is using puppy pads in the house because she gets extremely excited when she knows she is going outside. We have also locked the back porch doggy door because when they hear something outside they normally go running to see what it is. With it closed Roxie doesn't even attempt to run back there. I also hung a sign on the from door that says "Please do not knock on door or talk loudly in front of house. Please call to get ahold of me" It has our numbers and my mothers info find her. So I think most of the issues we have worked out. The only issue left is when john comes home from work and she normally goes crazy. He was off from work all week for me this week and now her is going back tomorrow. Something new thrown at us but I knew it was coming. I really hope recovery goes well. Rox Pibs is such a wonderful dog and I cant wait till she can play and be her pibble self once again.

At the vet

Treament area

First day home from the vet

Car ride home

Picture to pot soon its on my cell.

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