Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roxies Recovery 4- 12 days post Heart Worm Treatment

Everything has been going well since the last update. I talked to the vet on the 27th when she was still coughing a good amount. She said she would like to do some X-rays of her chest to see if anything has changed or if there was a new problem. Luckily the next days and everyday sinc she has been doing really well. Today was her best day yet. She only really had one coughing set today and it was more like she was clearing her throat than coughing. So everything has been looking up. Last week I gave her 2 benedryle a day for a few days so she could rest and recover quicker and I think that was a good call considering she is doing so great now. But I am still on watch. Since her shots she has not been alone either John and I have been with her 24/7. And that will continue atleast for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on how she reacts to her pills. Maybe a little longer it depends when I feel safe leaving her alone.

She has also been eating really well. I think she might have gained some weight. Now she wants to eat everything. She also eats 3 times a day now plus all the treats she can get her paws on and those she can only reach with her nose to knock off.
I am still praying everything is going to keep going smooth.

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