Monday, July 5, 2010

Back up and running

Well last night I was finally able to get the computer back up and running. So glad I didn't have to buy a new one or pay to have it fixed. Ran a couple scans. It ended up being the disk error scan that fixed it. Took the scan 2 hours to run. The computer hasn't worked this good in a while. So I must have had a few. At the beginning of all this mess Flock wouldn't open my aol email and I would have to go with the Internet Explorer just to open it. But even when the computer was still acting stupid some how it was fixed. Even Nortons got fixed yesterday! So everything is good now. I have been running updates all night trying to get everything up to date. I am just so happy it is fixed!

Update: Computer is still being Evil... Might be killing over... Still runs ever so often. But... I am running low on hope....

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