Sunday, July 18, 2010

The garden is producing- slowly...

The cucumber plants are really pretty and doing great right now. Think I will plant double next year so I can make lots of pickles.  :)

Cucumbers are coming along nice. 

Lots of  Cucs
Yummy fresh Cucumbers

Only a couple Bell peppers. but they are doing better this year than any other year I have planted them.

There are tons of Serronos 

More green

Love the heirloom toms. Wish I wrote down which plants were which...
Lots of green tomatoes

Looks so pretty from above. But had a hole in it and was split.

First Red one of the year and of course it splits and has a huge bug hole. Chickens will love it.

Some kind of animal is making a path through the Zuc plants. So they are dieing off now. We ended up with 6 or 7 before they totally died off.

A small curved Zuc

The Zucs are producing still

Of course the chickens got the first Red tomato of the season... since it had a nice big bug hole in it...

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