Sunday, July 4, 2010

Computer Problems

Our computer has been having problems. It wasn't starting right. I would have to start it like 16 times for it to restore and start. As of yesterday I it has stopped restoring and will not even turn on. So till it gets fixed, we hook up the old one, or buy a new one... I can't blog. So sad... But I do have alot of pictures of food and our 4th of July celebration.

O yeah. Our little rooster is learning how to crow. He is so funny. Definitely a rooster. Think his name will be Prince Charming.

Our snake came back. Not sure if he is still there but every so often I walk out and see him laying sunning on our wood pile.

We actually have two rats out near the chicken coop. We are afraid to move them because they could have babies. But I haven't seen them in a couple days so hopefully they left.. yeah right.... But I will have to trap them sooner or later. Maybe next weekend. I will have to check the storage shed for babies.

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