Monday, July 26, 2010

Roxies Recovery 2- A trip to the E-Vet

Well we had a little snag over the week end. Saturday evening Rox started shivering and feeling lethargic. Sunday morning I wake up to the neighbors dog was running through our back yard barking at our chickens and stirring up all the dog including Rox who isn't supposed to be stirred up and excited. So that pissed me off bright and early. So I went and caught the dog and returned it to its tie out next door. Came back and and made sure Rox wasn't coughing any more. She was laying in her kennel shivering and very nor herself. So I finally decided to take her temperature. It was 104.3F. Normal range for a dog was 100 to 102. I called the E-vet to see what they said. She told me to bring her in. But I decided to watch her and see if her temp came down. Every 30 minutes all morning I checked it. It came down to 103.9 than went way up to 104.9. So I finally decided when the bulk of the storms we were having left I would take her.

The E-vet was really nice. I have never met her before but she was really knowledgeable and actually set Rox up with everything that I originally wanted her to have as a precautionary measure. She agreed with me that the fever was probably inflammation in her lungs. So she gave her a Pred shot for the inflammation and a Tor shot just in case she was in pain. She also gave us a prescription for Pred and Doxy antibiotics. And told me to give her Pepcid AD for her belly to see if we could get her to eat some. It all went very well. Till we left.

This is Rox at the E-Vet
We leave and about 10 minutes down the road she starts drooling. and its not a regular drooling it is a slimy there is no end soaking the seat tipe of drooling. So I called and ask and they said with one of the meds that is normal. So I keep coming home and she keep getting worse and worse. Her gums are pink but getting a little white and I keep stopping the car to check on her. I was totally freaked out thinking she might be passing away. The vet said if she would have an embolism that I really wouldn't have enough time to make it back to the vet. So I wasn't sure what to do. I decided maybe it was just the meds and the heat so I decided to rush home to take her out of the heat and let her rest. By the time I got home she was falling over and kinda whining and falling asleep. I come inside and she walks right into her kennel and goes to sleep. As soon as she laid down and went to sleep her breeding was normal again. She wasn't breathing in the short panting motions. Her gums got pink and her Cap reflex was back to normal. So I finally calm down a little sit down and look up the Pain Med (Tor) which I figures could probably make her sleepy. I found that it can be a sedative for a dog. So I called the E-Vet just to make sure and she said she had given her a little extra to knock her out for the evening. So she would have time to rest. So after all my freaking out I guess I did make the right decision to bring her home. She rested till around 7pm when John got home and she wanted to see him so we let her out for a few minutes to visit. Her Temp was back to normal at 101.3 and only went up to 101.8 right before we went to bed. But she slept well all night. She was very comfortable all evening and night and that was nice.

Today she is doing good. She has been sleeping and being good most of the day. Not because she wants to like yesterday when she had a fever. But because she is locked in her kennel or sleeping beside me on the couch because she isn't aloud to do anything else. She still isn't eating and her only peed once today. That worries me a little. But hopefully after her tummy meds kick in her belly will feel much better. I am really glad I took her yesterday. She is doing better today. The vet said her lungs and chest sounded good and she doesn't have a fever today so I am sure she is doing alot better.

So now it is just wait and see now. Its still going to be a very long three weeks till the next vet appointment for her HW prevention pills to start. They will keep her the whole day while the Mircro HW's are killed. Then another month of worry. But I am praying that everything will go smooth now. Ii will write another update later.

Please Prey for our Roxie.

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