Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finalizing the tally on 2010 Resolutions


The only 2 updates I have to finish for my 2010 Resolutions is:

Read 15 books in 2010: I only managed to read 

  1. House of Reckoning, John Saul
  2. Black Creek Crossing, John Saul
  3. The Birthing House, Christopher Ransom
  4. Marked, P.C. Cast
  5. My Blood Approves, Amanda Hocking
  6. Fate, Amanda Hocking
and I started but didn't finish
  1. The Kitchen Witch, Annette Blair, Read over half Just haven't Finished it, I will finish it soon
  2. Eating Animals, Jonathon Safran Foer, Read over half just haven't finished it, Not sure when I will finish this one. I have alot of other animal books I want to read as well. 
  3. Betrayed, P.C. Cast, Just started it and got interested in another book so I will finish it soon
So I finished 6 Total books but I could go 7 because I read half of the other two... hmmm... lol

Paying off $6,000 in debt....
Although I know I did more than this.. I also add a couple of things to our debt. 
  1. Our computer Died in July and so I purchased a laptop that was $550.00
  2. The camera died and I have wanted an SLR camera for so long so I jumped in and purchased a Nikon D3000 with the extra VR lens. $600.00
  3. Roxie was diagnosed with Heartworms. She came from the South so that is common down there. That was around $600.00 (The rest in cash)
  4. Big Red was attacked by a raccoon and then started internally laying so she was spayed & treated for around $500.00 credit ( the rest in cash)
  5. Spanx and Abu had to go to the vet about $300-$400.00 
  6. Lowes- We put a few things on the lowes card
  7. TJ maxx- We put a couple things on  the TJ maxx card
So we have put some money back on the credit but because we have been paying off our debt our credit score has now gone back up above 700...

But the total that we paid off after adding what we spent back in is.... Drum role please.... :)   : $4632.76

So we came very close. But the animals come first. And who can blog w/o a computer and camera??? lol  And the goal has again been set for another $6,000.oo to be paid off in 2011 but with an Apple Ipad and some health issues to have worked on will we meet the challenged... Stay tuned to find out :) But I have alot of hope that we will meet our goal so that we can buy a house and acreage in the next few years!

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