Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thrifting for Pyrex, Corelle, Corning, & Fire King

I have been thrifting quite often lately trying to find a full set of antique Crazy daisy Pyrex bake ware and plate set and Friendship Pyrex bake ware one piece at a time. Which is hard for me because I get super excited to find them and when I don't I come home and look at all the pretty Retired Pyrex on ebay and laugh at the outrageous shipping and I know Pyrex is heavy but when you are charging 19.99 to ship on casserole dish or 12.99 to ship one plate that is excessive. I did order one set of Friendship casserole dishes off ebay last year. It was a set of Three and it only cost 13.03 to ship the whole order here. I wish people would get with the program and learn that if your merchandise isn't selling its because your prices are to high. If you are going to try to get your money through shipping charges then don't mark the merchandise up so high... And get you shipping charges estimated before you just pick a number!

But here is some Dishes I have purchased and some info about it.

Not Pictured is 3 Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes, One 1.5 cup Primary Red 1940, One 1.5 cup Butter Print 1949, and One 1.5 Quart Butter Print dish and a Small Yellow Pyrex bowl that I am not sure what set it goes with. Also Butterfly Gold saucers and cups.

Friendship Casserole Dish- 1970

Friendship Casserole Dish- 1970- Entire set

Primary color Mixing Bowl- 1940- This is the largest of the bowls in this set.

Primary Color Mixing Bowl- 1940 This is the smallest of the bowls in this set.
Primary Refrigerator dish- 1940

Spring Blossom Green also known as Crazy Daisy 1970 Separated veggie dish

Spring Blossom Green also known as Crazy Daisy 1970 Separated veggie dish
Spring Blossom Green also known as Crazy Daisy 1970 Small mixing bowl

Spring Blossom Green also known as Crazy Daisy 1970 Casserole dish missing lid

Spring Blossom Green also known as Crazy Daisy 1970 
Crazy Daisy Corelle- 1970

These are Pyrex Bowls with Clear bottoms but haven't been able to find a date.

If anyone knows the date please let me know!  :)
Pyrex Butterfly Gold 1970 smallest mixing bowl

Corelle Butterfly Gold 1970 Serving plate

Pyrex Butterfly Gold Gravy Boat 1970

Butterfly Golden Pyrex Butter bowl 1970
Woodland Brown, Corelle, 1978

Pyrex Americana 1960's Casserole dish, I also  have the separated Veggie dish for this set. 
Fire King
Fire King- Prim Rose -1960's
Corning- 1970's ? I never really watched that many episodes of that 70's show but last night it came on
after the show I was watching and this pattern was in one of the kitchens...

Corning Spice O'life Date?

(: I love collecting these dishes and can't wait to go out and search for some more soon :)

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Anny said...

I love that blue set with the clear bottoms - I'd never see those before :)