Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recipe"ing" the Kindle....

I recently received a kindle for Christmas from my loving husband and the first cook book I purchase on it was 500 Vegan Recipes. And although I am not a fan of how the recipes read on the kindle it is really nice to have them right at my finger tips where ever I am.

I am now in the process of typing up my favorite recipes from all my vegan cookbooks and putting in a special folder on my kindle. My kindle travels everywhere with me so its just a matter of a couple clicks and I am in my favorite recipes. Here is a small portion of the list that is on or going to be on my kindle.

Favorite Recipes 
where to find them

Creamy Kale and Potato Soup- Vegan Vittles
Igor's Pasta- Vegan Vittles
Potato Soup- 1001 Vegetarian Recipes
Rock Soup- Rachael Ray
Cabbage & Straw- Rachael Ray
Chocolate Cake- The Joy of vegan baking
Chocolate chip cookies- The Joy of vegan baking
Peanut Butter Cookies- The Joy of vegan baking
Sugar Cookies- The joy of vegan baking
Ginger Bread Cookies- Post Punk Kitchen Isa’s Recipe
Coffee chocolate cookies- The 100 Best vegan baking recipes
Calzone dough- One of Sarah Kramers books
Biscuits- How it all vegan
Pizza Dough- Vegan w/ a vengeance
Mushroom Sammies- one of sarah kramers books
Chocolate chocolate chip pancakes- Vegan w/ a vengeance
Sunny blue berry corn muffin- Vegan w/ a vengeance
Thai peanut pasta
Roasted Edamame Salad- Alton Brown
Southern Style corn bread- 500 Vegan Recipes
Peanutbutter balls- Sinfully vegan
Brussels Sprouts- Vegan lunch box
Mocha cookies- 100 best vegan baking recipes
Blueberry Corn Muffins- Vegn With a Vengeance
Cinnamon Rasin Biscuits- The garden of vegan
White cup cakes- The Joy of vegan baking
German Apple cake- The joy of vegan baking
Blue Berry Cobbler- The joy of vegan baking
Mixed berry Cobbler- The joy of vegan baking

+ many more...
But I think I will purchase the actual book instead of the kindle version because I can always add my favorite recipes to my kindle myself. I do wish if you purchase a hard copy that some how you could get the kindle version for a small up charge or something instead of having to pay the whole price again.

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