Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Book of Books

As I rather affectionately call it, has been last for a couple years now.

John and I used to hang out at the book stores all the time. For hours we would just sit and look through books and very seldom purchasing any. We enjoyed our days of laziness and thought provoking reading materials. They were carefree and fun. I would write down those book titles on the back of receipts and extra paper I found floating through my ever messy purse... But I would loss them or drop them and I would never see them again. So one day I found these cute little folders and purchased 2. I didn't know what I was going to do with them but then it dawned on me. A Book of Books.... I would keep a ever running list of all the books I want so that when I come home I can price them online and order them when I had the extra money. For a long time I kept this list. With everything from Animal rights to Children books and Vegetarian cooking to Religion and from Birthing to environmental science... One day my beloved Book of Books came up missing and I thought I was long gone being left at one of my frequented book stores.... But yesterday as I cleaned some of the clutter out of the room that we consider the Animal Room, which houses a bunch of junk as well as animal stuff, and a couple book shelves... I was looking down at some photo albums and was amazed to find my Book of Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how it ended up there but it was atleast still in our house! I was so happy!!!! and I still am now I have to update all my purchases and add on to the books I want list... Which just to catch up on could take forever. But thats ok.... Because I love it... lol :) Happy Days are here again........  lol  :)   :)  :)

Organized.... I love to look at things that are totally organized...lol
There were other sections aswell. Sections for movies, Which I had never gotten around to filling out,
 a section for Misc. Merchandise, a section for books I own which I had
started many times and gave up one because we have so many books, plus other misc things.

This was my make shift way of making up for the loss of my Book of Books.
Which I would use ever so often. Not very organized though  :(

But still loving that my Book of Books has been found..... This is just one of those everyday type .... blogs that are of no concern to most.. But hey I will remember it ...lol

Oyeah this time ever so often I will be scanning it and keeping it on the computer just incase....  ;)

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Liz said...

That is such an awesome idea! I always see a million books I want at the store but I can never remember them. I need to start a Book of Books for myself!