Saturday, March 27, 2010

21 days have come and Gone

Well 21 days have come and gone and still no chicks. Not sure if these eggs were laid after the first few or if they are just not going to hatch. Going to wait for a couple more weeks to make sure. Don't know what else to do. Hope at least one hatches. Lil Banti is still staying right on them and not moving off. So she is still having faith so I am going to try to. :)

We also finally figured out how to leave her in the coop with all the chickens and keep her eggs safe. She is content and has been getting alot more sleep. She doesn't leave her eggs often anyways. Only to eat & drink once a day. Plus if any of the eggs hatch the chickens can get used to them before they actually come in contact with them. The safe way. We just put up some half inch wire mesh to separate the coop.

After checking out a freshly laid Big Red egg we have come to the conclusion that Gaia is laying the dark egg that I thought was every ones but hers. But now Gaia is egg bound. I am not sure what the problem is. I know that is supposed to be a sign of needing more calcium. But they have a bowl of calcium all the time. So I am not sure if they are just not sure what the calcium is or if they just don't want it. I'm not sure. I just wish the egg issues would stop. She also laid an egg shell that is completely compressed and is also part of it is membrane only. She has not laid an egg that I know of since Thursday. I did see one Thursday and almost everyday prior. But she normally lays daily. Not sure but I hope the problem solves itself tonight or we will need to help her tomorrow or take her to the vet. But hoping for the best.
This is Big Reds Egg...

Right is Big Reds Egg & Left is Gaias Egg. There is more of a color difference then it seems.

I am thinking about starting a chicken blog so that it can stop taking over this blog. I probably should as much as I have had on here lately. But I really enjoy having chickens and really like to put up as much info about them as I can. I think I may have a slight obsession with my chickadees.... :)

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