Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Chickens

Last year we brought home 8 chicks on April 9th. Six turned out to be hens and we were also blessed with 2 roosters. We brought them up handling them daily. Now the roosters hate us of course and Titan the Americana Rooster tries to kill me when ever I go near them. So he isn't always called by his name. He has several other names I like to use but we will leave those out. :)Anyways... with a new spring season approaching comes chicks right? Thats not exactly what was supposed to happen. This year we really wasn't planning on adding to the brood. But our Lil Banti has decided to start laying on 4 eggs and we are not sure how long she was laying before we found them. So we might have 4 more chickens. With our luck they will all be roosters. But we are of course hoping that they will be pullets. There are 2 Banti eggs and 2 brown eggs. Not sure who laid the 2 brown eggs though. We have 4 chickens that lay brown eggs and we have yet to figure out whos are whos. Out of all our chickens right now she seems to be the only one interested in laying. Luckily. Our guess is that she disappeared 7 days ago to lay on her eggs. So we are at seven days and counting. Fingers cross for pullets :) Either way we will be blessed with more little chickidees to share our lives with.

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