Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is Coming... Slowly but its still on its way! :)

As the title states spring is approaching... and although slow.. It is coming and I can't wait. I am already making a list of things that need done. Somethings that should have been finished last year and the first outdoor projects for this year. The other day at Walmart I started purchasing my first Organic seeds of the year. I do have alot of seeds from former years but I am not sure how they will grow. So I am not sure if I want to waste my time. I need to keep them in the fridge this coming year that way next year they will have a better chance at being good. Anyways. I can't wait to plant my first seed in transplant containers. But right now there is one thing stopping me. We started building a walk in closet a month or 2 ago and because we don't have a truck that is mobile right now it is hard to buy the 5 or 6 pieces of dry wall we need to finish. So I purchase the rails for hanging. But I have not purchased drywall, shelves, or the door. Everything from our room is in our 2nd bedroom. That we consider the animal room. Because all the animal stuff is back there. I was also going to put the small green covered green house back there to state our plants for the year. But there is to much back there and no room to do it anywhere else. so not sure when the seeds will get planted. But it better be soon. We are also waiting to redo the flooring and paint in our bedroom. We are doing the 2nd bedroom this summer. And I still need to order a bunch of seeds online. I can't wait!

The last few days the sun has felt warmer and by Sunday it is supposed to be 46F. But it has still been getting cold at night. Still like 14F. So thats good. The snow is slowly going away and slowly is good. A total thaw would flood us. I hope the snow goes away before we get any rain. I know that won't happen. But I hope its just a small amount of rain when we do. I am a little worried about getting flooded this spring but hopefully it is a "un-warranted" worry...

So things I hope John and I can get done as soon as the snow melts...

  • Level the ground, move the heating oil tank, and all the other junk to put up the new dog kennel- We don't keep our dogs outside so it is no big hurry. But it is going to be attached to our porch so the dogs & cats can go outside anytime they want. They cats have never been able to go outside, Except on the screened in porch.
  • Till and level the area we are turning into the garden. -We are planning on purchasing a Tiller this year and I am excited to have a bigger garden.
  • Finish the Chicken coop & Enclosure- It never totally got finished this year and now we are going to expand it some more. To give them some extra space. They already have a ton of space but since they are in an enclosure I want to make it as big as possible with as many perches as possible.
  • Finish the Front porch and plant some flowers, herbs, and veggies that look pretty in front of the porch- We tore it apart about 2 years ago to enlarge it and have not touched it since.oops.. :) Talk about procrastination.
  • Fix Johns Talon, Fix my car door handle, and try to find someone to weld the frame on my Grandfathers truck.
  • Build a small shed for garden tools and Chicken feed.
  • Clean the screened in porch and fix the treadmill.
I could go on. But This stuff is already going to take forever. I hope it all gets done in a timely manner & with out to many arguments.. All of this comes with money so many of these projects will run into summer. But hopefully they will get done. I also want to get a couple pther things. A roling composter & a rain barrel are just 2 of them....

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