Friday, March 26, 2010

A Pibble & her Egg- Dogzilla Egg Toy Review

Thought I would right some reviews on dogs toys and how they last through our 3 dogs. Our best Chewer is our Pibble, Roxie. So alot of the reviews will stem from her and her chew experience. But some Playability will also come from our other Pups, Chloe, A basset beagle mix (Bagel) and Sophie, our Australian Shepard mix.

Our first toy review is for the Dogzilla Treat Egg that we purchased at Walmart for $6.00. It is weighted on bottom so it bobbles around like a Weeble. You know Weebles wobble but they don't fall down... :) It has a slot that most small kibble food will fall out of but treats are a little big unless you break them up. The slot also opens & closes & goes to what ever size is best for your food. But I find that Roxie knows where the food comes from so she moves it around and even closes it herself from time to time. I have been using it to feed her a few smaller servings of food a day. This way she doesn't bother every one else while they are eating and she losses interest in her bowl. It also totally opens for easy filling & cleaning. The plastic is pretty thick but it you left it to be chewed on it could be broken by a strong chewer like a Pit. But she has chewed on it some and it still is standing with out any cracks or chips. But if she chewed on the treat hole the right way it would break pretty easy. But at $6 it will keep her from bugging every one else and as long as we watch her with it I don't think it will get broke to soon. So if it gets broke I will replace it at $6.00. But she does really love this thing and it gives her something to keep her attention for a long while.

On Pibble Scale of 1 to 5. I give this 4.5 Pibble Points.... I have deducted half a point for the little sliding door that can be broken pretty easy if your not paying attention. And for heavy chewers this will bust if chewed hard enough. Plus it will fit in her mouth so if her mouth was bigger she could bust it.

On the Bagel Scale of 1 to 5. I give this a 4.5 Bagel Bites also. Chloe really seemed to like it. She was really interrested and ate all the food. I don't think she could bust it. So it would be a good toy that she could actually keep around without my super vision. So it would be great stimulation for hound dogs.

Sophie really hasn't shown any interrest. But she also would not be able to break it.

3/3/2011 Since my original post I have all but stopped letting Roxie play with it because everytime she would pick it up she would drop it off the couch and it would through food everywhere... She still loves the thing and would chew it till nothing was left if I would gave her the chance. I do give it to her from time to time. Normally though it is only when she isn't eating well or she spots it sitting in my pantry and I feel bad so I let her play with it but I always end up cleaning up the mess by the end... Now on the other hand Chloe our Beagle Basset mix can play with it and not pick it up. She doesn't even seem interrested in picking it up... :) 

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