Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Chickens-Day 15

This will be what we are considering as day 15. Lil Banti has been on her nest almost non stop even when our other chickens pick on her. But over night she threw out 4 of the eggs. 3 brown & 1 of hers. We Candled them and 2 of the brown eggs had babies in them. So we took them back out and stuck them under her. They were pretty cold though. So I hope they are still ok. I guess we will see in 5 to 6 days. It was really strange to actually candle an egg and see a baby inside. This picture is an egg with no baby. I didn't take the time to take the picture of the one with a baby. If she kicks it out again I will post a picture.

We started building the chicks home yesterday and had to change our plan from a triangle to a square because our Mider Saw is stupid... But it is almost done. We need to go out and get some more wood today since we only purchased enough the first time to make the triangle. But it only ran us about $50 to make the mini coop. And we are going to use it for the Roosters after Lil Banti Vacates.

We also actually visually seen our Chicken, Gaia, lay her egg this morning. So we are one egg closer to knowing who lays the different colored eggs. So light brown egg w/ white speckles belongs to Gaia. Did I mention that we a chicken lays on egg fluid comes out with it. Kinda like the gosh of fluid you see come out when a baby is born... Just an interesting tid bit into my morning :)
Update: Today while we were out purchasing the finishing supplies for the brooder house the chickens cannibalized Lil Banti's eggs. So know there are only 3 eggs out of the 11 left. 2 Banti eggs & 1 brown egg. Even the 2 that we knew for sure had babies in them are gone. I marked them before returning them this morning so we could tell if the hatched after getting cold. So who knows if we will get any chicks know? I was excited to have babies again.

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