Friday, March 5, 2010

New Glasses, Alice in Wonderland & A tragedy

Today I finally picked up my new glasses. O' Yeah I didn't mention that Roxie ate my other glasses that I loved so much. She is evil.. Not really and no I didn't scald her or yell or even get mad at her. I knew how bad she wanted to eat my glasses. She had tried to get them before. She had even gone through so much trouble as to figure out how to pull open my night stand drawer to get them out. Luckily every time in the past I had caught her before they got damaged. Evil Moe Moe the cat wanted to eat these glasses. They were good glasses. See even all the animals thought so... Anyways she really killed them about a week ago. Since it had been three years since I had been to the eye doctor I had to get an appointment. The day after she massacred them we got a good amount of snow. But I was ready to fight through it and get a new pair of glasses asap! But the car and snow had other ideas and about the time we started up the first hill leading out of town I quickly changed my mind.

Side note: My husband drives 4 to 5 sometimes 6 days a week for work. All over the state. And in snowy weather. ALL THE TIME... He has never really had a problem. He is good at correcting issues when they do come about. Luckily. we have slid down hills and although I have been scared to death that we were going to end up in the ditch being drug out by a toe truck. Him & the anti lock breaks have managed to keep us on the road. saying that.. back to my story.

We started up the hill and the car really did not want to go up the hill. Never really had a problem going up a hill. I would normally much really go up then down. But This day the car wasn't really wanting to go up the hill because the roads were ice. Snowy Ice....and at some points it would just stop and spin. It took us a couple of minutes to get up the hill. Luckily there is a pull off at the top. So we pulled of and talked about the long journey ahead and decided my glasses could wait. So we came back went up town to the library got some books & movies and then came home. I luckily found a pair from about 9 years ago. Fixed them and have used them for the last week.

But yeah. Went to Eyemart yesterday after my appointment to get them express. They were supposed to be done in one hour. But after I picked out 2 sets of frames.. I was told the machine was broke and they might be done later today but it would probably be later. So $138.. and some odd cents later I came home. Only to find out 20 minutes before I got home they had left a message on the machine that they were ready to be picked up. I like about 1 to 2 hours away. So needless to say after a long day I was not happy to hear that I would have to drive back the next day. But I got out of bed and went to get them. we also took Chey with us to see Alice in Wonderland. But I really do like my new glasses. I wish I would have looked at the Sunglasses too. I didn't even see them when I was picking out my glasses...
Alice in Wonderland was pretty good. I was sleepy when we got there so I would probably give it a better rating if I wasn't sleepy through out watching it. this movie had really nice scenes. Every location was very detailed. Love all the detail. Makes me wish I would have learned more about graphic art. But they did a great job on the details. Some of the people were fuzzy some of the time. Maybe it was just the theater. I'm not sure but only like one person on the screen would be kinda fuzzy. But thats something I can look over. They plot was good. The acts were good. I kinda wish they would redue the original movie I the same way. So you can get that up to date version of the original that everyone loves. But the plot was good. Some parts move kind slow for young kids. We went during the day so most of the people who were there were over 50. But we all really liked it. Here are some Trailers...

We had enjoyed the day but then on the way home something unspeakably tragic happened. A cat ran out in front of us. John was driving and could not miss him. He was killed pretty much instantly. He was a very pretty young, grey, un-neutered, male cat. Probably around a year or so old. We turned around probably 40 feet from were we hit him and went back to check to see if he was alive. I was going to rush him the the E-Vet. But he was already gone. We picked him up in a sheet and brought him home so we could give him a burial. I can not believe it happened. We have been so lucky in the past not to hit the animals that have ran in front of us. And we are both grieving the loss of this special being. Even if we didn't know him. It has become a very sad day for us. And I am not sure what to make of this or how to feel. I really hope & prey in the future that this never happens again. We always take special care to drive safe for not only humans but the many animals that run around the roads. I'm just astonished that this happened when we are always so careful.

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