Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Planning

I wanted to start over a month ago. But our closet is slow to get done and our extra room is covered in stuff from our bedroom. So I have been putting it off. But today I said enough was enough and I trekked into the backroom (2nd Bedroom) and found last years peapods and seeds to see exactly what I had and what I needed. I always start buying seeds before I check to see what I have. Its a bad habit considering I have like 3 packs of the same tomatoes from the last 2 or 3 years that have never been opened.

So, Step 1... Take inventory.... Check... I mean skipped... But now check :)

Step 2. Go through newly purchased seeds. Check- Although I didn't purchase any of the seeds I had from last year. But I did purchase Organic Beefsteak tomato seeds of a different brand. Does that count? :)

Step 3. Purchase the wrong kind of organic potting mix. Then go back to the store a week later to just so happen run across the mix I actually need... oops :) Check

Step 4. Forget to buy extra peapods because you think you have enough. Because you skipped that ever needed inventory check... oops .. And forget to get the plastic trays that hold the peapods so you don't make a mess every where because you think there is still some floating around some where.. Note to self have husband check storage shed.. again... stupid inventory! :)

Step 5. Plant what I can while listening to Mishka, because I am tried of waiting.

Step 6. Return to the store with that o so important thing called a "grocery list" so you come home with the supplies you actually need :) and all kinds of extra garden stuff that looks important but isn't necessary :)

Ok so my steps were a little off... whats new. But I still managed to get 11 different plants started today. Even with the missing supplies. And I still need to go to the store to get all the missing stuff and a few more seeds :) but I think I am off to an ok start. I just wish our growing season was longer.

Planted 3/31/2010 , Brand, and LYS= Last Years Seeds
  1. Organic Tomatoes- Cherokee Purple Burpee -6
  2. Organic Tomatoes- Rome Burpee-6
  3. Organic Tomatoes- Yellow Plum Burpee-6
  4. Organic Tomatoes- Beefsteak FM-6 LYS
  5. Organic Tomatoes- Sweeties, Cherry FM-6 LYS
  6. Organic Tomatoes- Brandywine FM- 6 LYS
  7. Organic Zucchini- Summer Squash Burpee-6
  8. Organic Eggplant- Early Long Purple FM-6 LYS
  9. Organic Cucumbers- Sumter pickling FM- 6 LYS
  10. Organic Cucumbers- Double Yield Burpee- 6
  11. Organic Cantaloupe- Hearts of Gold- 2 LYS
Can't wait to get the rest of my supplies. I was originally thinking about purchasing a tiller this year. But I think I am going to put it off for another year and just purchase a hand tiller. Fun fun.. But luckily the husband has the muscle to take care of that part. Well, if I can talk him into it. I am trying to kill the grass off in the new spot I am trying the garden in this year. I should have done that last fall but I was lazy and skipped that. so while we are moving our heating oil tank and extra oil storage. I have been laying out boards and tarps to kill off the grass in the area I would like to use. I do however need to pick a spot for the tomato plants and some of the other plants. I had a hard time doing this last year and skipped out of most the garden because of it. I missed having a garden so much last year! So I am trying to get my but into gear and get things done outside that need to get done! So good luck to me :) and to my husband who doesn't only procrastinate himself he is also bad about turning me into a procrastinator.... hmmmm.

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