Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Heartworm treatment Tab for our HW Positive Roxie

On our way to the Vet...again Monday Aug 23, 2010
 Yesterday I took Rox back to the vet and dropped her off for the day for her first HW Treatment Tab (intercepter). She had to stay for the day because the most reactive time is the first 3 to 8 hours after her tablet was given. In that time, as well as the next couple days there is a chancer just like after the Ivermectin shots that she can have an inflammatory reaction in her lungs to all the microfilaria (baby heartworms) dieing.  Since she has an inflammatory reaction to the adult HW's dieing she had a Deximethosone (Prednisone) shot and a Benedryle shot. Then she had for first HW tab. I called through put the day to check on her and she really did well all day. No coughing, no depression, no anythings. So we got to bring her home. The vet said it kills all the Microfaliaria (baby HWs) with in the first few hours and with in 48 hours all of the Mirofaliara break down and reabsorb into the system so the threat for a reaction should be over. But just to make sure there is no reaction in that time or past the first 48 hours... She is on Prednison pills for 7 days I think. But today she is doing really well and has not coughed or show any signs but a little bit of sleepiness and she hasn't ate very well. But I think if I give her a dose of Pepcid AC that her belly will feel better. But I have to wait for the Pred to get into her system before I give her her Pepcid.

Rox and Me getting some cuddle time on the way to the vet.
After this tablet I have to wait for 5 months and then have her retested for HWs. Hopefully they will be gone. But there is a small window in the reproduction of the HWs that can not be killed by the shots or the pills. This is the reason she could still be HW postive even after this. Hopefully all the worms were mature at the time she got her shots. Fingers crossed. Will Update later.... 

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