Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Masked Villain

Set the trap again last night for the raccoon. Finally talked the husband into putting it back into its original place on the side of the coop where the little raccoon had gotten in when he killed the chickens. I rubbed the trap down with green and weeds to get rid of the "human" sent then I had John snip some branches out of our trees to cover the trap and make it feel more Den like so he would feel so to go in. Next I had John take the food and instead of leaning it whole I had him smear it all over the bottom of the trap and ground so that the little guy would have to go in to get it. IT WORKED! so this morning when John got up to go to work he was there and waiting for us. He had ate all the food and pulled in and shredded most of the tree leaves. Poor little guy was probably so scared. But he didn't hiss or reach his little paw through to get us. He stayed calm and allowed John to pick up the cage and place it in his work van without any hassle. John took him on his way to work, up a hollow and set him free. I hope he finds a new place to live and hunt and that he stays a beautiful, healthy, happy raccoon. I wish him the best of luck. He was just doing what he had to do to survive and I do understand that. I was never mad and I never wanted him dead. But he can't live here and kill our chickens. So he is at his new home.. Free t olive his raccoon life. The way it should be.

Going to set the trap again for the next couple of nights to make sure there isn't any more raccoons. Hope he was the only one...

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