Sunday, August 15, 2010

Harvesting from the Garden

The garden has finally started producing at a good pace. Now I need to keep up with it. Which isn't always easy. The cucumber plants have died for the year. This is the last of the cucs. They way about 7 or 8 Pounds. The tomatoes on the other hand have just started turning red this late i the season. Now they are all turning rippening at the same time and I am not sure what to do with them.... Salsa, gazpacho, sammies, chili... Not sure what I want to do but I better figure it out before they start going bad.
The chickens ended up with more tomatoes with bug hole... 
I have held off this long from picking and frying green tomatoes. But enough is enough. But of course as soon as I took a couple to everything started turning red...
The inside of this tomato looked alot different than the others. John couldn't remember which plant her got it from though.
First Bell pepper 
The Golden Jubilee are producing good.
A few smaller yellow toms. These are very ripe...

The Cherokee purple are producing the best numbers
This is our first brandywine tomato

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