Friday, August 27, 2010

Letting go...

Today has started off with letting go....

In March 2009 my Grandfather past away. I bought and brought home his old Chevy Cheyenne Truck in hopes that we could fix it or have it fixed. But the damaged turned out to be to much for us to handle and we couldn't find anyone who would fix it.

I have an issue with sentimentality. I do get attached to objects knowing where they come from and just wanting to have those memory's triggers to be right there even though I know I will have the memory rather I have the object or not.It is especially hard when I have lost someone close to me. I am dealing with these feeling although at times I put it off for a while.... procrastinating what obviously has to happen. This is one of those things I have been putting off for sometime.

I have been talking about saleing it for a while now. All it is doing is sitting outside in our driveway rusting away. I decided I would rather it be used than just crusted dumped and was talking to my Mom about wishing I could find the guys number that wanted to buy it to us for parts. When I came home yesterday I was greeted with my husband saying a guy stopped asking to purchase the truck for parts. He came back right as I was leaving again and said he was the guy I had talked with a while ago about buying the truck. So I didn't hesitate. I sold him the truck.  I decided I must be ready to let go. The guy I had been talking about earlier in the day showed up on my door step so I better take the chance that life was giving me to know that the truck would still be around. Even if it was just in smaller parts on this guys truck.

So this morning I am sitting here waiting for this guy to bring back his flat bed and pick up the truck and though I really don't want to see it go I know that it is time for me to let go.

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