Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lil Banti has a newly hatched Baby

Tonight around 7:30pm I went to clean out the chicken coop and instead of cleaning I heard a chick! I have been listening for a couple days now trying to hear if any the eggs were hatching so I was very surprised. I really thought the chickens had ate all the eggs and didn't think any of them would hatch. 

He was making the line around the egg and had not fully hatched when we looked under Ivy. Ivy had stolen Lil Banti's nest earlier this week and so Lil Banti was laying on Ivy's eggs soothingly clucking to her baby from afar. I felt awful but was going to let Ivy raise the baby since she was laying on it. 

We had been checking on the hatching egg for about an hour when Ivy got up and stepped right on the egg and busted the rest of the shell open. Then she pecked the baby very hard 3 or 4 times. John snatched her out of the coop and gave the baby time to move a little and then put Ivy back to give her another try at mothering and again she attacked him. So John snatched her up again and I held him/her while John Made a new nest for Lil Banti in the small brooder enclosure. Then he placed her in there with two eggs and then I gave her the baby. I laid the baby beside her and he pulled himself under her like it was nothing. It was nice to see s/he is strong and his/her voice is strong so hopefully the baby makes it.

Check in on him in the morning when s/he should be all dry and fluffy.

Freshly hatched

This is his/her egg. See the veins on the inside of the egg. That is were he grew and flourished before hatching.

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