Friday, August 6, 2010

The Chickens are Recovering from the raccoon attack- Graphic Pictures

After the attack a couple nights ago when Prince Charming, Snow White & Splash were all killed and Big Red & Mabon were attacked... I am happy to say right now they seem to be recovering well.

Big red has the worst wounds. She limps and has a big piece of skin that is dieing off. The skin dieing off and not getting infected is one of my biggest concerns right now. Plus she has some bite marks on her neck that could cause an abscess. Which I have to watch for.
Last night we treated her wounds. We put warm compresses on them so that we could get some of the dirt off. We don't want it to get infected. She was ok with the compress until we tried to get some of the dirt off. Then she started putting up a fight. We also covered the spots in Iodine which she didn't seem to like very much either. She kept attacking our q-tip and trying to eat the end off of it. Finally I had to have John hold her so I could get a good coat of Iodine on her biggest wound.
The Neck wounds. These are teeth marks that go pretty deep. You can't tell but there are a good number of teeth marks.
The big side of her wound. At the bottom you can see where the skin is still attached.
The Skin that is dieing.
Warm Compress
After Treatment. You can see she still has blood on her face.

Mabon has on injured spot above her leg. It is into the fat a little deeper than Big Reds but the spot isn't even half as big. She has seemed in good spirits even the first day. she wasn't shocky at all. She ate fine that day and has been a real trooper through being medicated. She is the hardest chicken to handle other than the roosters. So she has been putting up with alot of handling and for that she is doing awesome.

Picture taken of Mabon the day after the attack.

Today we had to separate the girls. We had them both in the same dog kennel. Mabon decided to quietly lay an egg. Well after that I guess Big Red decided she wanted to try to lay one. But she didn't want to be in the kennel with Mabon while she did it. So I go out because Big Red is jumping and squawking and trying to get out and that was making Mabon attack her. So we brought another smaller dog kennel out to put her in. I guess I am going to have to watch for dog kennels to go on sale again. Last Black Friday I bought one at 40% off. So hopefully this Black Friday they will have them on sale again.

Good news is no on seems shocky any more and they have been eating and drinking good. I hope I have enough antibiotics in their water because the dosing instructions really suck. You would think with the popularity of chickens being pets they would have better instructions on the pack. I guess I am going to have to ask our vet to show us how to give them injections on antibiotics that way we can treat them with the exact dose they need.

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