Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Vet appointment for the chickens

I was so nervous to see what they would say about how Big Reds wounds. I know they looked clean and not infected but they didn't really tell me what to look for that would tell me it was healing. But to my surprise the Vet said she was doing really good! Her stitches look good, her healthy skin is starting to attach to the side of the wound and that is what it is supposed to do. There is some dead skin ans scar tissue and the vet scrapped the edging again to open the wound up where it hadn't reattached to the surrounding healthy skin. He told me to continue the "Dakens" wraps and I will have to continue them for at least the next month and I am supposed to still fill the pocket where the staples are with neosprine. She is still on the same 1/2 a 22mg Baytril twice a day to end at a week. But I have enough to take me through another week and since I think she has peritonitis I might extend her antibiotics another week to try to clear that up. Then I am going to take her to the Avian vet in Morgantown to see what he thinks about her recovery and if sterilization is right and safe for her.
She is eating better every day. She isn't just eating sunflower seeds and eggs any more. She started eating strawberries and she really started eating her food again. And she just seems like she is in a much better mood . She lays down although most of the time she stays at her food bowl eating on and off. But she has been relaxing more. But with feeling better come her attitude. She tries to peck us to death every time we touch her. She is more vocal. And really doesn't like the Dakens wraps but that is keeping the flies and infection away so they will keep coming. But she is doing GREAT!

I also took Mabon with me because her wound had totally changed its look with in two days and it was kind puffy in the center so I thought it had gotten infected. So I was not looking forward to what he would have to do to the wound to reopen it and clean it out. Luckily I was wrong and he cleaned it with some Betidine and he said it looked great! I was ecstatic! She is eating well, laying eggs, and acting normal. She is doing great. He told me it is good to be kinda ruff with the wound she has because it needs to be opens so it can bleed a little. So I am supposed to take a piece of gauze and rub the wound with Betidine and let it bleed a little to get new tissue growth to come in quicker. He said as soon as it scabs over she is good to go. After he cleaned it her wound looks awesome! She is doing so good!

I am learning alot about wound care with our chickens although I hate to need to use it again. Atleast next time I know some about what needs to happen to certain kinds of wounds. What can be stapled or stitched back and that vets all do different techniques and I love to learn how to take care of our animals to the best of our ability. I am so glad they are pulling through this and I am still praying that they will make a full recovery.

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