Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simplicity in a Pizza Crust- Taco Pizza, Spinach Stromboli & Riblet Stromboli

Lately I have been trying alot of simple variations with pizza dough just looking for something new and simple to make when I am in a hurry. And when I say simple I really mean beyond simple with these Ideas....

Taco Pizza
Couldn't decide on Tacos or Pizza the other night so we went Taco Pizza...  I have been craving some pizza and no one around us sales any sort of vegan cheese for pizzas. And I have made some pizza without cheese before and some have been great but some have been total fails. So I played it safe and took an Idea that we had seen along time ago at Cicis Pizza and made it. The taco pizza turned out really good and it was a nice off set from our normal meals. It was also super easy to make.

1 Pizza dough
Yves Ground Burger
Taco sauce & salsa
1 pack Simply Organic Taco seasoning
Vegan cheese( if you have it)
Toffuti Sour Cream

This really came together fast. Preheat your oven to Pizza crust instructions. Brown up your burger a little. Prepare taco seasoning to package instructions. Add the sauce to burger and heat till done. Prepare the pizza crust on an oiled sheet add some taco sauce and salsa if you would like. You can also use stewed tomatoes. Then add burger to the top and put in oven per dough instructions.Or you can keep the burger off till you get the dough out of the even. This will allow the burger to be more moist. Then add all your toppings.
Wheat Crust
Add Taco sauce, salsa, and/or stewed tomatoes

Add Burger

See the cooking dries out the burger some. It was still good think I will try not putting the burger in the oven next time.

Fresh Lettuce from our garden

Fresh Cherokee Purple Tomato from our garden

Almost ready to eat 

Just add a little more taco sauce and some toffuti sour cream and its ready to eat. Yum yum!

Spinach Stromboli
I really like this eatery in our Mall called Sbarro. The guys who work there are extremely nice and will make my food special any time I ask. Before we went vegan we ate Sbarro's Spinach & Cheese Stromboli's pretty often. After we went vegan a couple years ago one day I stopped and asked them if I could order one special w/o cheese and w/o egg wash and they are really great and make it for me everytime. The one manager that always seems to be there when we are around even knows me when he sees me and tells his guys before I even ask what I need. 15 to 20 minutes later I have a yummy Vegan spinach Stromboli.

I have been thinking about trying to make them at home for a long time and have given it one try with frozen spinach a ling time ago and didn't like it. So this time I used canned drained can spinach and a store bought white pizza dough ball. They turned out pretty good but didn't even compare to Sbarro's version. I also blended up half a can of stewed tomatoes and added some spices as a dipping sauce.  It was ok. I didn't strain the spinach good enough and I think I over stuffed them. They were better once I pulled out some of the spinach.

But if you ever have a chance to go to Sbarro's ask them if they will make you one w/o cheese and egg wash. They have always been great. Even the owner talked to me one day. He is an older man and came up and asked if I was a vegan. I said yes and he is the one who told me they had egg wash on them to make sure I told them I didn't want it. So They are all great.

Riblets Stromboli

Super simple and really tasy. Nice new spin on the morningstar riblet. The pizza dough makes it a nice portable snack. Just what I wanted. and very easy. Pizza dough wrapped around a frozen riblet stuck in the oven per dough instructions a little longer to get the inside done. Then you can take it with you. Just make sure you watch out for the riblet BBQ sauce drips. Next time I think I will add some corn and maybe some other veggies. I know it didn't brown but it was really good.

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