Sunday, August 29, 2010

25 years

I have now been on this planet for 25 years... ick.... lol... When I turned 20 it was bad enough but turning 25 is mid life crisis John had to pipe in with the now you are a quarter of a century old... So I told him to shut up that he was close to one third of a century old! so .. blah.. lol... He has now left me at the age of 23... which I think he should count back till I am 21 again.   :) that would be good. Just leave me there for a while. lol.

On my birthday John woke me up and gave me a B-Day card and some Roses. He hasn't given me roses in forever because I think it is wasteful to cut flowers that are grown just for that purpose. But it was nice to get flowers after so many years. When we first started dating he used to bring me a single rose ever so often. It was really sweet. He also sent me flowers for my B-day when he was deployed in Iraq. There has only been a couple times since then. So its not an every year thing.  But it was nice to wake up to flowers from my Husband. :)
Very pretty. But I wish I could enjoy them more. They have to sit in the pantry and hide from the cats so they don't eat them.

John worked for most of the day. When he got home we went to my parents house for cake. Mom made me a Vegan Chocolate Chai cake from The 100 Best vegan Baking Recipes book. It turned out really yummy and moist.
Is that 25 candles?? way to many
Look how yummy
Even the coloring inside this cake is pretty

Then John and I went to Mi Pueblos for dinner. We haven't been there in forever. It was a nice evening. Just to sit and relax for an hour or so and chat while we ate some yummy Mexican food. That was the first time we have been out to dinner since Roxie started her HW treatment. We are starting to work up the time she is home alone again. We went to subway a couple weeks ago and left her for an hour and a half and that night it was around four hours but she did really good. But back to Mi Pueblos.  They have really good food and they serve a huge amount for not much money at all. The whole dinner was $25 bucks and that includes the $5 tip.
John watching women's fighting

They have all kinds of very pretty hand painted art 
This is Johns picture of me.. Thanks Hun....
The Decorative chairs
More of Johns Camera work
Making me look like an idiot while I am trying to
First look at the Vegetarian Fajitas, No guacamole, sour cream, or cheese
They have huge portions
All the chips and salsa you can eat. Their salsa is really good and super tangy.
The main dish comes with rice, re fried beans, pica de galla, and lettuce
Really bad cellphone pics but thats better than nothing

Me eating my last shell. This is how much came home with me. It made a midnight snack and breakfast the next day!
This is what was left of my side
Another picture of the enameled chairs. The table tops all have painted enameled pictures too. 
After we ate we stopped by walmart. john wanted me to pick up something for myself but instead I got the kitties this scratcher :) they really like it and that makes me happy.

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