Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Beltane.. The newest member of our family.

The last rant I left was about "stray cats" in our area. The 2 cats that were hit in the road the day I wrote that was a mother and her 12 week old feral kitten. I had seen them around and had fed the mother because she was skin and bones. She actually had 2 kittens. So I went and purchased a catch and release trap at Lowes for $45.00. (Its nice it folds up so it doesn't take up space when your not using it.) That night about 4:00am we caught the last kitten who we named Beltane. In the week and a half we have had him he has really settled down and loves the other cats. It took a couple days to litter train him and he hasn't had an accident since. He seen the Vet about a day and a half after we caught him and he got a clean bill of health. He was tested for intestinal parasites ( He only had round worms), and for feline leukemia (negative), and was given his vaccination. All the norm. He did have some irritation on his tongue and ear mites. Other wise he is good. Beltane loves to play with the other cats. He has really taken up to Romeo. But every time we bring in a kitten they love Romeo. Romeo has always been a lovey kitty. Hence the name "Romeo" :). Anyways I just wrote this to write about the new little itty bitty kitty. Beltane .
I love to study different cultures and sometimes pick names around that. So this is what little Beltane's name means. Beltane (Fire of Bel or Bright Fire) is a Gaelic holiday which is celebrated on the eve of May (The beginning of Summer). Other religions also celebrate this day such as pagens, wiccans, celts. Beltane honors life and celebrates the hopefulness of a bountiful harvest season ahead. The belief of the Bel-fire is of healing and purifying powers. Which also celebrate the return of life, fruitfulness to the earth and burning away of the winter.

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