Sunday, November 25, 2007

Twas the Day before Thanksgiving.. a day with the In-Laws

Just about my day...
My Day Started out at 8:30am. Woke up showered, got in my parents Jeep and was driving to my Sister-In-Laws house when less then 3 mins away my Jeep broke Down... Great. Thankfully my husbands uncle towed it home from me and I didn't get to much grief from my parents because they were out of town. Next to the better stuff. Another member and the family picked us and the kids up. We were going to my husbands Aunts house for a day of baking. I love to bake. Nobody i his family really knows that about me but I do. Anyways we arrived we were greeted with tons of kids.(Kids out numbered the adults...Big family) I was really to get to the baking. Problem was everyone one thought I was clueless so every time I went to do something I was "taught".... So it was kind of annoying. But thats ok. We haven't been around each other alot so I guess it is understandable. The one thing that through me off was... They cook with eggs. I don't ... So I didn't know when I was supposed to add them or if I should beat them first. I didn't even want to touch them. For some reason I am terrified of getting siminala or bird flu or something. Anyways.... They had preplanned recipes and thank the good lord my first one didn't need eggs. Put the pumpkin pie I had to make I thought I would vomit before I got through it. The eggs were stuck all over the Kitchenaid beaters and I was freaked.!!!! I know don't sweat it right but...nasty..!!!! Luckily most of the day I made pie crusts... I know I sound so whiny.. I will say the day was pretty fun. I enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to know some of them better. Because like I said before I really haven't been around them to much.

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