Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"C"s Birthday Party #1

What kid could ask for more. This is labeled "C"s B-day party #1 because she is having two this year. I know 2!!!!
Anyways my Mothers side of the Family live about an hour and a half away so its easier for us to go up there then everyone come here. So that what we do. So her first party was with the fam. Isn't my cake cute. I know not a professional job but I think it was cute and she really liked it. Although it was not vegan. I had so much going on that mom ended up using a boxed cake and she bought me tubs of icing to use. So I failed miserably on that end. Maybe the next one will be vegan although she bought stuff to make it too. So who knows It depends if anything happens between now and Saturday (Party #2). Here are some pics.

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