Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sophie AKA Killer

Welcome Sophie the newest member of our family.(Whose name used to be Killer). This is the dog I was telling you about on Thanksgiving. (My in-laws dog). Well we took her to the vet she has a severe case of whipworms & is very malnourished, and a dehydrated but she is going to make a good recovery. She has had her vaccinations & now has been wormed. She likes her new food and all the treats she has been getting. She is very shy & very frightful. So it will take a while to rehabilitate her. Thats ok though. I just want her to have a happy, healthy, great life. And on the up and up my father in law even offered to pay this vet bill & the following vet bill to get her back up to health. So thats really good because we are running a little low on money...
Update: We have had her about 4 days and she has gained alot of weight all ready. I can't believe how well she is doing. For right now she is living on the back porch. (Chloe and her can't seem to get along yet so we are giving it some time and slowly introducing them.) It is getting cold out so tomorrow "J" is going to fix the bathroom door so she can stay in there. She is very sweet and even gave me a couple kisses on the face today & tried to play with me a little. Both were huge surprises. But I can't believe how well she is doing and putting on weight so fast.
UPDATE: Her ribs, spine , & hips look alot better already! This picture was taken 7 Days after she came home with us. She has filled in alot. Her hips & spine are no longer showing. Her ribs are still showing a little. But they have a lite layer of fat now. She has gained alot of weight around 6 to 8 pds and for a dog that only weighed 30 lbs when we brought her home, thats alot. This picture doesn't quit show her ribs well but its the only picture I have right now. I wish I had taken pictures the day I brought her home to show how much she has improved. She is still really nervous. But she is getting better. Last night (12/03/07) we brought her in the house for a while. She was very timid but seemed like she really liked it. She is even giving "J" kisses now.

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