Thursday, November 15, 2007

ChickPea Cutlets- Veganomicon

Garlic Bread & Chick Pea Cutlets (Fried). This is the recipe from Veganomicon. They turned out pretty good. I accidentally through in a couple of things that wasn't in the recipe. I was in a hurry and grabbed the wrong stuff. The wheat gluten in it made it a little gummy. Next time that will be the last thing I add. I am very picky about texture so the Wheat gluten that had the texture of chicken fat wasn't the best thing. I think it was only because I added it straight to the chickpeas and got it wet. O well. "J" really liked them. I liked the crispy edges. They were tasty. They fell apart when I put them in the pan so next time I think I will put them in the oven first. Then fry them to make them crispy. That Night I was actually having spaghetti but "J" had bought me a food processor that day and I had to try it. So we had chickpeas cutlets & spaghetti.
Looks like it time for a hair cut & shave "J"... But I still loveyou .. :)

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