Sunday, November 25, 2007

Black Friday was very Green this year ! Pictures will post soon

Yes I said green.. I spent a butt load of money (green) that I shouldn't have. But the deals were very nice indeed... We already have everyone elses shopping done. We always do by black Friday that way if I see something for someone I can get it but if not I'm covered anyways. So "J" and I purchased stuff for ourselves... :) . I had been excited for like a week and I finally got to go. At walmart we purchased a video camera, a digital camera (ours was dieing), MP3 Player (Which was actually my present from my parents), 2- 2GB Memory Cards, KitchenAid Mixer, Battery charger, The Reaping (Which was very good),& some other movies. Another store we purchased a VCR/DVD recorder. We also wen to target and purchased some movies. To Game stop and bought a bunch of PS2 games. A phone (which I am taking back). Lets just say it was a good day. What was I thinking ??? I still have a vet bill to pay...!

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