Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks...Giving<---Key word here..

First Thanksgiving at my parents house. "J" & I tried the Lightlife veggie stuffed turk'y. It wasn't bad. I'm just not much for the faux meats. We also had mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, herb stuffing. I guess the normals nothing exciting... Then we went to my In-laws house again. It was nice to see everyone. They were just starting to eat when we arrived so I had a role, some mashed potatoes & corn. "J" also tried the green beans but quickly spit them back out finding out they had bacon fat in them.... yuck...! I always worn him...stay away from the green beans! but he never believes me till its to late.... The rest of the evening we snacked on cookies. The evening went well until I went to talk to my sister-in-law. She talked to me yesterday about checking out her dog and seeing what I thought. I went to talk to her and told her that the dog needed to see the vet. She spoke with her mom who sent us to her dad. I knew it would go down hill from there. I tried to explain why I thought she needed to see a vet and that I wasn't being pushy. (The way I went about it in no way sounded pushy or rude). Well lets just say it didn't turn out to nice. He has never spoke out of the way or raised his voice at me then in front of the whole crowd he starts (I had pulled him aside from everyone else to talk with him) He intended to make a show. I guess to make him self feel better. So he yelled... That dogs 3 seconds away from having a bullet put between its eyes. Shes dumb. Why do you think anythings wrong with her. Shes only skinny because of her breed.... I mean he went on for probably 10 min. Then he said he would spend a hundred dollars if it was more then that put her down. (and I will say this. I am the only one who has ever purchused wormer for this dog, I bought its a colar, I have bought it good dog food in the past to show what is a good brand. He did atlest purchase a dog house which he throw her in and she has been terrified of the thing every since) .... This coming from a man who swears he is a Christian just blew my mind. How can someone go to church and say such things about one of gods creatures? I went back down stairs where his daughter apologized twice for him yelling at me. I went back up were he asked well are you going to take her? ME: To my house? HIM: NO are you going to take her? ME: Oh to the vet. Dumb me...Yes. The attitude comes right back in his voice. After that I tried to explain why his dog food might be causing malnutrition and he might as well have stuck his hand in my face and walked off. Actually he pretty much did.. He was so rude. I could not believe it. I wasn't mad that he raised his voice or that he intended on making it a public matter. It mattered to me because he can look over that dogs suffering like it means nothing. I have never said anything out of the way to him. I have never been rude to him. His daughter said her parents didn't have the time and I decided I would make the time. So I guess by his reaction that it wasn't over the time it was the money and his shallowness. If you can take a life into your hands then you take the funds to take care of that life and not let it suffer. "Christianity" What does it teach you? Because after his reaction going to church must not teach you respect. So what does it teach? (I do consider myself a christian. I do not attend church. I never have for the simple fact that I don't think some of the things that are taught are accurate. Just what the person teaching them thinks they should mean. And that might be fine with some but for me my own morals & ethics get in the way of believing some things. Such as that it is ok to mass raise, abuse, & slaughter gods creatures.) And being Thanks Giving and all... yeah he will give THANKS for the food (which a poor bird who didn't willing give his life for his food was included and freely stuffed down his throat) But when it comes to GIVING.. I guess money means more than life, enjoyment, and Happiness... at least the dogs....

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