Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Halloween Kindergarten Party

(I know not the best pic of "C" but the only one from the party with her and "A" her best friend.)

Well I love planning parties. So when it came to head Homeroom parent I jumped right in. I know I'm not a parent but I love being invovled with "C" and her school stuff. So I (along with my mother) get to plan the 3 parties of the year. Halloween, Christmas, & Easter.

Mom and I took about a month and planned a great party. Even better then what we thought it would be. Not to tot my horn of anything.. :) They have a parade around our small town so we only had 30-45min for the games and food. Not that long right. When the kids returned from the parade "B" and I had laid out everything. We started with games.. 2 outside. Sac race & Don't role your eyes (Eyes on a spoon). They loved both. They came in and we had stations set up. One: Draw a scarrrrry Scarry face of gourds!, Two: Witches hat ring toss, Three Cauldren candy toss, Fourth: Pen the hat on the turkey (Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I went ahead and through that in.) We had so many more games planned but we ran out of time and not all the kids got to go through allthe indoor games. But they had a blast. We pre-bagged the snack of the day and noone ate but they did have sqeeze its to drink. So they took the snack home and they also took home tons of candy. 4 or 5 treat bags plus the snacks. So they really made out. It was awlsome. The only thing was we had seperented the kids into groups and for some reason it was kaotic and noone would stay in there groups. So I'm not sure which kidss didn't get to play all the games. Next time we will have color coated groups :). But I know I'm going on and on. So I will leave it at... On to the Christmas party!!!!!!! :) I will add more pictures soon!! "B" still needs to send them to me.

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