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All Pet Expo Day one: Rescue Ink Johnny & Eric

May 14 - 16, 2010
All Pets Expo - 2010

We had a wonderful day today at the All Pet Expo. in Morgantown WV. I specifically went to see Rescue Ink. Johnny O. & Eric B. was there. These guys are everything you expect and much, much more. It wasn't very busy at the expo today so we really got the chance to stop and talk with them. John talked with Johnny O. while I talked to Eric about his dog rescue and training. I love talking to people who have passion and love for what they are doing and both of these guys have that. Eric was so energized and willing to answer all my questions with throe answers. He gave me awesome advise that I have started using tonight.

I asked about Raw Diets for Dogs. Alot of Vegan And Vegetarians I know don't feed their animals meat based foods. I feel that if I am going to have animals that I am going to do the best I can to take care of them. I dont feel even meat based dog foods do this and I have been looking into a raw diet for a while. I follow Eric on facebook and he had mentioned that he feeds raw every other day. I think this is wonderful. He said he has had dogs that have had allergies, skin conditions, and digestive problems who are helped dramatically by raw diets. I have read before that you need to put grape seed oil on the raw food and he said he has never done that. He said if you want to start out small start with things like marrow bones. Even that will help. From what he said I am assuming he gets all his meat straight from a butcher. I have a hard time doing this. I still go back and forth with the vegan issue but I tell myself it is what they would eat in the wild. So I think I am going to start with marrow bones and work from there. He also gives his dogs big chunks of raw meat.

I also asked about food aggression. I told him how Sophie will go over to a bag of food put her nose straight down on it and if another dog comes near she will grow and snap. I also told him when we got her she was 30 pds under weight.

He said to start by hand feeding her. If I ever have to take my hands away or food, treats, toys, etc to go straight up from her, not out so that she can't lunge and get into that state of mind. If you have a problem with treat aggression as well has food aggression feed the aggressive one last.

To get them to look into your eyes when you feed them, give them treats, etc. So they wait on you to tell them what to do next. He said the first thing he always does, when he brings a new dog home, is hold the bowl up in front of his face so that they can see his eyes and make contact. Hold that contact and place the bowl. So they will be looking for that command and not looking around at everything else to get overly excited and make all the other dogs overly excited. If you have ever watched any of his videos you will see that all of his dogs are looking at him waiting calmly to see what to do next.

I am trying to remember everything.... I know this probably isn't even half of it. I am sure I will remember more later. But that was definitely the highlight of my day.. maybe even my week or month :)

Other interesting facts:
Rescue Ink is on in 161 countries
They go to events like this expo alot. They have been traveling to many states spreading awareness.
Still trying to remember. I would have more to put here too... But still processing ..

I was so excited to meet them and learn so much. I wish I could find someone who could teach me as much as they know. I was over whelmed with info and I love info. The more info I can get the happier I am so I was elated when I left the expo.

We are heading back tomorrow to meet the who crew. I am still so excited. These guys are awesome!

We did look around the rest of the show. There was some younger guys there selling reptiles, turtles $50 or $60, scorpions $5 , tarantula, geckos $90, etc in small little plastic takeout containers. . I was disgusted! The turtles look like turtles you would find out in the wild here. I didn't really take a close look at the table so I am not sure what else they had but... How awful is that. I didn't see anyone purchase one and we was there for almost 3 hours. Hope everyone has more since then that.

There was a bird guy,John Lege, there with trained parrots (didn't watch). Bwana Jim, a show with an alligator, and some rescued birds; an owl, a turkey vulture, and a hawk, a alligator snapping turtle in a blue storage container. They run some kind of rescue/show.. Not sure didn't watch him either.

Extreme Reptiles, a traveling giant snake booth to walk through.. Didn't do that.. lol

I don't do anything that is a little iffy about animal welfare.

They were having a dock dog competition and it was pretty cool to watch. My camera didn't do the poor dogs justice though. This dog was really good an loved Jumping. He would even jump when she wasn't paying

There was several rescues there I will have to write down the names tomorrow..

There is a nice local Dog/cat treats bakery called 4 Paws up pet bakery. It is located in Fairmont, WV. They had all kinds of cute treats with small ingredients lists. No sugar... They make good treats. The cakes are so adorable. I will get one for the dogs one day. I did get Peanut butter cake treats, carob brownie bites, and kitty kisses. The animals have loved them all. Even our picky Miss Chlo Chlo.

We purchased some car magnets as well.

O yeah.. and of course at Rescue Inks stand even though they didn't have everything there today we did purchase a T-shirt, beanie, & wrist band. Hoping to get a dog bandanna, book, and picture taken with them tomorrow. They are bringing a big truck into night with all the merchandise and the rest of the guys.. So here is John in the new Rescue in Attire :)
Heading back sometime tomorrow. Taking Roxie with use tomorrow. Hope she decides to be well behaved. This is the first time we have had her in a public place since we brought her home 7 months ago. So wish us luck.. Hope to see everyone there!

May 14 - 16, 2010
All Pets Expo - 2010

Mylan Park
Hazel & JW Ruby Community Center
500 Mylan Park Lane
Morgantown, WV 26501

Don’t miss this three-day competition at Morgantown's very first pet expo, presented in partnership with Three Rivers DockDogs! Event Format: Big Air and Speed Retrieve. Indoor Event.

Go to and you can print a $1.00 off addmission ticket!

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