Sunday, May 16, 2010

Freeds Green House & an Alpaca Farm

Stopped by Freed's greenhouse for the first time on Thursday. Its alot bigger than I thought it was. They have like 9 greenhouses plus more plants outside. My first thought was "wow! I wish I would have stopped here sooner" but my thoughts kinda changed after asking an emplyee a qeustion about organics and got an ear full for it...

We looked through some of the flowers & tropical plants. They have some gorgeous flowers. Than moved over to the annuals, which I skipped most of. I don't really like spending money on plants that won't come back next year. I took my camera to take pictures but after the first few pictures I started looking at the plants and forgot to take anymore.. oops :)John and I went straight back to the perennials which are not housed in the green house. But in the center of 4 other green houses. They have a good variety. We got a small pot of chickens, and another plant that looks similar to the chicken plant but more bulbous and lighter green and pink. We also got a plant that feels really weird. It has its own little fingers and really pretty purple flowers. $4 each. They had a ton of plants I wanted but for money sake.. I couldn't.

Next was the green house full of garden plants. I was excited to get in there and see what the different varieties are. The only varieties I see at regular stores like walmart, and local smaller stores are the big boys, beefsteak, early girls, et cetra. But Freeds has many varieties. But I didn't see any organics so I walked over and asked the garden attendants. He said no they don't but after we purchased them we could grow them any way we wanted. That it wasn't pratical expense wise to bring them up with organic fertilizers. Synthetic pesticides are just as good and are cheap. And that they didn't raise them by the phases of the moon either. He went on and on. I was so annoyed and I could see it in Johns face that he was too. This guy had this "know it all" attitude that I just could not believe. He was plain out rude to us. So John said we should buy anything and even wanted to put my perennials back but I wouldn't let him. I went ahead and walked around to see what they had. They do have a huge variety of "non-organic" tomatoes, peppers, & pumpkins. Plus a smaller variety of cucumbers, lettuce, musk melons, etc. I will probably go back and grab a couple of the Cherokee purple toms, some German stripe toms, and a couple peppers since ours didn't do so well. But I hope I don't run into the same defensive garden attendant. It really doesn't make their business look good.

Although a few of my plants are doing well alot of them have had a hard time. We had some storms so I covered them back up and a hail storm that came through on Friday damaged alot of them. So I guess I will try again next year. I am getting over trying to grow from seed though. Its annoying when they all die and I don't know why.... I did pick up some eggplant plants at Speedway market.

We also drove half way up to see the Hearts Desire Alpaca Farm. I don't know if we are actually aloud so I made John stop so I could take pictures of the gorgous alpaca from the car.

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