Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Veggie plants & The Three Rivers Festival

Went to the greenhouse again today. Picked up more tomato plants than needed. Last time I came home with 18 this time I came home with 30! Oops... What was I thinking. I don't know where I am going to put half of them and I still had other things to plant... Plus I still had 4 or 5 plants out there last time I checked. But I did have better luck today with the Heirloom varieties. Today we picked up Mr. Stripey, Black Tomatoes, Cherokee purple, Golden Jubilee, & Brandywine. Picked up Early girls & beefsteak tomatoes, cucumbers, & blue lake beans for my parents & picked up some more peppers for us. I like to plant beans too but I breakout when I pick them so I don't think I am going to plant them this year.

So, tomorrow I get to plant these plants and hope they make it and the birds don't destroy them. (o' and mow the grass... yuck)

Speaking of birds. On my way home tonight right infront of my Inlaws house there was a bird in the road that did not fly away when we drove up on him. So John stopped in the center of the road and I got out and chased down the pooor bird so we could move him. Put him in the car with us and went and turned around. Parked in the Inlaws driveway and took the bird across the street to a huge yard that borders a small creek with brush and trees. It wasn't bleeding. It didn't seem small enough to be a baby. It did bite me and grip me pretty good. But it just hopped around like its right wing wasn't exactly right. So I turned it lose where we found it just out of the way in a protected place with food & water so I hope he makes it.

Three Rivers Festival

Also on the way home I stopped by the Three Rivers Festival to see what was going on. This is an annual festive at Palentine Park in Fairmont, WV. There was a good number of people there. I thought there would be more but it is Thursday so I figure most people will be there on Friday or Saturday. They were having a Battle of the Bands Compitition tonight at 8pm, The 3 best local bands. Thats what we really went to check out. But as hot and humid as it was I listened to the first couple songs and decided I had had enough and was going home. I did run into a few people I knew. A good friend was there with his daughter from out of town so I was excited to meet her. Seen some other people from school but just kinda avoided them. There was some stands set up for T-shirts & jewelery, some food stands, and maybe 8 to 10 rides. It was free to get into but I had wrote online to ask about handstamps for the rides and they said it would be 12 to 15 dollars... Not worth it... But I am sure the show was probably pretty good. Maybe next Year. There are thinking going on all week end there so check it out. They have a really nice stage for the preformers.I believe this Band was called the Zig Zags...
Video to post soon.... having issues

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