Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Pets Expo day Two

Went back to the expo today. We did take Roxie but unlike yesterday there were tons and tons of people and dogs. So she was a little over whelmed, excited, and pulled us everywhere!

I made her a Stop BSL shirt this morning before we left out of one of John's old wife beaters, food coloring, & acrylic paint but she was so hyper I decided not to make her wear it. I had even made little pamphlets in case someone asked what it was.... It took me so long to figure out how to get the pamphlets made then I didn't even get to use them... errrrr.... But everyone did keep telling us what a gorgeous pit she is :)

But It was a good day. We got another Rescue Ink shirt, a signed picture, and we got two pictures of John, Me, and Roxie with Rescue Ink which was awesome.

I also took a few other pictures of them from a distance. They probably thought I was stocking and no I wasn't.. I just love to learn. And I wish I could have someone like them teach me so much about rescue and rehabilitation. Eric's rescue is something that few people take on and love to do. I really hope one day I can learn as much as he knows about rehabilitating pits and all dogs. I really look up to these guys. So I just wanted to be around them. But I did keep a distance from them just so they wouldn't think I was stalking them :)

O yeah. I remembered another tip Eric gave me yesterday. Watch the dogs pupils around other dogs, when meeting, when food aggression could be an issue, etc, If they dilate then its time to take action.If they are normal than your good for the moment.

O yeah and Rescue Ink is taking this dog back with them from our Marion Co. Shelter :) Her name was listed as Coconut on Marion Co. Website.Here is a link for another dog. A 5 week old puppy named Hayden. He is deaf and was left in a box in WV. Pet helpers picked him up. Rescue Ink took him back with them.

We wasn't out long, just a few hours but poor Roxie was so tired. She slept all the way home and then some more when we got here.

John and I, went outside and laid in the hammock for almost 2 hours. Talked and read our books. Nice and relaxing. I love our new hammock! I think we might be just as tired as Roxie. We went to bed really late last night and got up at 8am... Then got pulled around by her all day.

After the hammock time we went to my parents house and cooked out. Came back and cleaned up outside a little bit. laid in the hammock till it got dark. Now going to get ready for bed early. John goes back to work tomorrow.

This is Storms note to everyone... lol...she decided to help me by walking across the key board :)

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