Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chloe on the run!

Yesterday I was going to my Grandmothers house for a Mothers Day Cookout. She lives about 2 hours away and was about 5 minutes from her house when I got the phone call.

We have three dogs. I try to be responsible and since they squabble ever so often over things like toys, I separate them when we are not home. Chloe has always, even when we only had her, gone to her Grandmas house, my mothers. She loves going there and looks forward to it. They spoil her. They always leave her a plate of table scraps. And that is definitely were she loves to be when we are not home. Our other dogs love going there as well but we leave them in separate rooms of our home when we are not there.

My parents live right next to us. We actually live on a piece of their land right now. Its really nice to just be able to walk next door. Chloe, who used to drive about 30 minutes from Fairmont to my parents house with me, has always loved going to Grandmas house. She also used to love to travel in the car with us. After we moved the only place she really goes is to my parents house. Since they live right beside us they always keep her company when we are out and about. She loves them. The only place we walk our dogs is the short distance from our house to my parents house. This way when they get loss they jet to my parents house or to our neighbors daughters dog, Hooch. So we know exactly were to find them. We don't walk them up the road in front of our house to get there. Teaching them to stay in the yard when they walk. This may sound a little off. I would love to be able to take them for a walk around our area. But cars go so fast up through here that it is a real hazard. So I try to protect and set up boundaries when possible. So our dogs know exactly where to go and how to come straight home from Moms fence.

Mom's house has a fenced in back and front yard. With gates that lock the back yard and front yard separate. The back yard fence has been there since I was a kid so it is getting old. The gate is starting to root and just last week Chloe figured out how to get from the back yard to the front yard through the rooting gate. But there is a newer fence in the front yard. Built about 8 years ago. The front gate has warped pretty bad this winter. But Chloe has never showed any interest in getting out this gate through the warp.

Chloe isn't really a "people person". She loves us. She spends all of her time with us and with my parents, Chey, My little sister, and her friends. Ever so often someone new will come around and it will take her a little while to warm up to them. But if you get on her good side she will love you and wag her tail nonstop when she sees you.

Yesterday it was really windy, windy enough to have wind warnings out. John dropped her off in my parents back yard and told her to go "inside". She knows what that means. So she went into the doggy door and John left. We had a dead battery so we had to get my parents Jeep and jump us. That took a few minutes. Then we was off. Thats a picture of me waiting on John to get the car battery jumped..

About 1 hour and 50 minutes after we left I received the phone call. Chloe was out of the fence and was on the run. My heart dropped from my chest. I told our neighbor to open the front door and see if she would just run inside that she normally does & to call me back ASAP! I was so upset. Unconsoulably so. I had just picked up the hot dog buns for the cook out and had to turn around and call my mom and tell her we were going home, and sorry. So John turned the car around as quickly as possible and we started on our way home. Mom called back and told me she sent our other neighbors out to help. They have a daughter who Chloe knows. So it would be easier for them to catch her. The whole time I was so afraid she would get hit by a car. I was helpless and this time I couldn't step out in front of a car to get them to stop. About 20 minutes later. It could have been less. It felt like a life time. In mid panic attack I get a phone call from the first neighbor that they had got her and let her into our house. I was relieved but at the same time then I started to worry about her and Sophie being left alone. So we hurried home! I cried, was dizzy, and was just over all an emotional wreck the rest of he way home. Panic attacks suck and that was the first time, in a long time, that I had had one. So it took a good while to recover. I Thanked my neighbor repeatedly.

When we got home I gave Chloe lots of loves. Who could be mad when she was safe? I walked over to the our neighbors has that had let her inside. I thanked her again. She said that Chloe had ran straight to our house, up onto the porch, and when she couldn't go inside, she went down into our fenced yard, where she had closed the fence to trap her. Her friend, Johns uncle had showed up at that point. Chloe had been growling at both of them. But he knelled down and talked softly to her and got her to come to him. Then they put her into the house. :)

After we Thanked her. I went home and made us lunch. Let the dogs run around in the front yard and play for a while. Then we got everything together, and taking Chloe with us this time and went to Morgantown to get us a Hammock from Target while it was still on sale. So she got a long car ride which she did really good with. She normally gets car sick but yesterday she did really well. She even got some mommy, daddy time away from out other pups. I think she enjoyed it. Even tough John had to sit in the car with her while I ran into some stores. But the day turned out really nice after the mornings drama. Or maybe I was just able to appreciate it more.

I can never thank her enough. I called a 2nd time and thanked her and told her that she would never know how much it means to me for her to go out and rescue our Chloe. I am so glad she was there to get her. My heart is a little happier today knowing I have neighbors to help when I am not around. I just hope they know how much I appreciate it. I wish I knew how to thank them enough. Our animals are our Children and they mean the world to us.

Pictured below: Chloe on her car ride to Mo-town. First pick o=is her laying on Johns leg. 2nd is us waiting on John to pick a hammock and check out.

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