Saturday, May 22, 2010

Greenhouse shopping & Sinfully Vegan Orange Bundt Cake

I finally have my tomato, eggplant, & pepper plants for the year. The husband and I went to Freeds Greenhouse again. I had a list. Knew exactly what I was going after. And then they didn't have the ones I wanted. I was just there last week and they had them. When I want them of course not. They had one out of the five tomato varieties I wanted. My list was as follows:

  • Brandywine
  • Cherokee purple
  • Striped German
  • Blackcherry
  • Baby Reds
  • Jalopeno
  • Serrano
  • Kind Aurther
  • Sangria
So out all the tomatoes they had the Cherokee purples. I really wanted these so I was glad. To sub some of the others I bought Mr. Stripys and some variety of orange heirloom to make up for the striped german. But I still haven't found any cherry toms. But I think some of the Organic yellow plum cherry toms I planted might pull through. So thats good. I found King Auther bell peppers & Serrano peppers. Decided to skip the Jalapeno and they didn't have the ornamental Sangrias.

Came home and called around to a couple other greenhouses but every one else caries the every day better boys, early girls, beefsteak, etc. So I guess I will have to check back. This is our new garden bed this year.

Cooked out over at my parents house again. Decide to try a recipe from Sinfully Vegan. It is a Orange Bundt cake on Page 79 Called Orange you glad it has chocolate chips cake. The batter for this is extremely tasty. If you have ever tried the orange cinnamon roles the batter almost tastes like these. I loved the batter! As you know once you cook flavors they tame down some. I think the cake was still good. It was very moist. I really liked the chocolate chips in it. Even those the book doesn't tell you when to add them. I forgot they were even supposed to be in it and had to stir them in after I had put the batter into the bunt pan. O well. I wans't a big fan of the icing that it is paired with. It was already really moist and when you added the little bit of icing it made those spots kind of mussy. The instructions say wait 10 minutes before dumping the cake onto a cooling rack I would wait a little longer. Mine broke when I went to put it on the cooling rack. I didn't really care but if I would have been taking it to a party or gathering I would have had to start all over. The taste was nice & light once it cooled. But I liked the upfront orange flavor of the batter more than the finished product. I think I will cut it down and just make the batter to snack on every once in a while... Yum.. ;)
The finished cake picture is on my moms camera oops...

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