Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taking on Potty Training.... The CATs!

Yes people. I have decided old cats can learn new tricks and I am on my way to having atleast 4 potty trained cats, maybe 5.

I ordered this a couple weeks ago when I ran upon this thing called a Litter Kwitter on some animal website when I was looking for a Jolly Ball with a handle on it for Roxie. It has always been a running joke in our house that we go through so much litter that it would be much cheaper to potty train. So I ran it by The husband... and wah la (or how ever its spelled) 60 bucks for a hunk of pastic & the UPS fairy dropped it on my doorstep this morning.(On the door step because I wouldn't get out of bed & fight the barking & jumping dogs just to answer the door.)

But day one seems like it is going ok. The 4 cats that I have introduced it to seem pretty comfortable jumping up on the toilet seat already. They will get up there and sit when its closed. So I figured for now I would skip step one of putting the tray on the floor beside the toilet.

I figure Moejo will be the first to use it. Copper and him still have their off days so he likes to be able to see around him while using the bathroom.

Copper I figure will be next because he seems to be the next brightest and inthosed to sit and scratch. The other two, Romeo & Dewy are about 7 years old and I am not sure how they will fair with training. Romeo seemed ok to sit there. And Dewy was really unsure about the whole thing. But he is easily frightened. Storm ha strained her hurt leg again so I don't want her jumping right now. Not sure if she will really be interested anyways. Beltane I figure I have no hope unless the other cats teach him. He is a touch me not, that stays hidden all day and comes out only at night after the Pibble, his archenemie, is in bed. He will let us pet him a little but otherwise he is happy doing his own thing on his own time...
With atleast 4 potty trained cats I figure we will be able to cut down on the around $40 I spend on cat litter a month. So if this works it will be well worth the money, the health of the cats, and our earth.

O ' yeah I read reviews that it will not fit an elongated tiolet. We have one and it fits it just fine. It doesn't cover the entire toilet seat. But it does cover lost of it and it hasn't popped off.

Wish me luck ;)

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