Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Years Resolutions 2010- Progress

Here is the update
  1. Be a more outspoken and reliable vegan... not doing so great on this one. Well to tell you the truth. I really haven't been to any family gatherings and the ones I have gone to I have taken food with us. But if it does come up I do plan to be tactful & kind in whatever I say. I still don't want to come across as a "Bitchy" Vegan. I would rather people have a good outlook of veganisim instead of bringing their preconceived notions to life. :)
  2. Pay off atleast $6,000 of debt. we are moving towards this goal for the year. As of April we are about $2100.00 down. But Johns job has shortened hours for the last couple months. The only credit card we have used is the Lowes card, for some gardening stuff..oops & The Care credit card for some vet bills. So even with the hour loss we have been staying away from credit cards. But our savings account is feeling the stretch. So I really hope his work picks up.
  3. Cook at least 3 Times a week. Well this happens some weeks but not all weeks. My back had me in bed for a month so I really didn't cook at all that months. Maybe once of twice. I have been cooking more lately now that the weather is nice. I have been baking and trying some new recipes for desserts at my parents weekly cookouts. Plus I have been looking for some light dishes for the summer. So we can make it quick and sit out in the gorgeous sun and enjoy evening, the companionship, and the food.
  4. Keep the house cleaner than last year, and more organized. This is such a battle for me. With all three dogs and a couple cats under my feet where ever I turn. It makes it difficult. We have taken on some projects around the house aswell. Like building a walk in closet into our bedroom. So I have everything displaced into the animal room (the 2nd bedroom), and our living room. For some reason The husband is at a stand still with progress. and has been for months. I have cut drywall and wood laying in the already crowded hall way along with the four bookshelves that need put into the 2nd bedroom. I am going to put a sewing table & book shelves into the 2nd bedroom as soon as the junk can be moved. Then the back porch that we built on a few years ago will be the "animal room". I am going to hang up some shelves and build a cat House for it. But John is also thinking about putting his weight bench out there. We have has it for 5 years and it is still in the box. For both of our sake I hope we can get it up sooner or later. The house is just on on going project because we just have to much stuff to fit into this house. In 3 to 5 years. Hopefully 3 we plan on finding a piece of land and moving.
  5. Read more than 15 books. We are 5 months into the year. I have made a book list of 15 books. But I have only finished 1. And I am reading 2 others at this time. So I hope to meet this goal.
  6. Be a more consistent blogger. Hey I think I have been keeping up with this one. I haven't been doing alot of cooking blogs so has been paying the price with 1 blog in the last probably 3 months. But this blog I have been adding a good amount to. Probably could put in more. But sometimes I get to busy and forget. But like I said this one is a go!!! :)
  7. Take better care of my health. I will say since I have become vegan I don't know if I have had one cold which is awesome! Normally at the beginning and end of winter I always get a sore throat and head cold and I didn't this year! awesome awesome awesome. and that has ALWAYS happened in the past with the colds. But I have yet to start 1 consistent exercise program and I should really eat a better balanced diet. But when your back hurts and your not feeling well because of it you just don't feel like doing either. Today I feel really good though and have been trying to get stuff done. So hopefully I feel feel good the rest of the week and I can get into some exercise and good eats. On the mental prospective I have been doing really well this year. Atleast I think. I am learning as I go. To stay a calmer person. To try to take life as it comes at me instead of always worrying. I mean I do still have things I worry about on a daily, hourly, minutely, secondly basis, but these things have dwindled down to just a few things and I am trying to live a slower, less stress, life. I love to chill out an listen to Mishka which always seems to give me a calm feeling even when I have had a pretty crappy day. So things though still send me over the top. Like Chloe escaping from my parents yard and my neighbor calling me to tell me she can't catch her when I am 2 hours away. Luckily she did catch her but I was inconsolable! But I am a work in progress. and I think I like where I am going.
  8. Learn more about amino acids. Haven't really hit on this one yet. I know a few things but not enough.
  9. Donate to atleast 3 charities. we have donated a small amount to 2 charities. A dog rescue & the Harrison county humane society. But I do plan on making 3 Bigger contributions to Probably Farm Sanctuary, maybe an overseas village water program, not sure which one yet, and probably another animal case.
  10. Takeout no more than 2 times a week. Sometimes we have it once, sometimes twice, and yes if we are out a third time sometimes 3 times. But The husband has been eating alot of takeout for work lunch and that kinda annoys me... We could be saving some money if we just made his lunch here... But thats a man for
I have also added some.
  1. Do some art projects, sewing, knitting, painting. It doesn't matter but do something from the heart. I have been doing this. I have painting a few times this year and sewed. I am getting ready to make some 4- 4th of july dog collar bandannas, a couple dogs beds, & a purse. I have some other plans too that have to do with balsa wood wall hangings.
  2. Take better care of the garden this year. Instead of like in the past . Plant it and walk away. Actually try to keep it nice, weed free, tired up. and nice. I have been working on this we will see how it pans out later on this summer.
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