Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Storm, our only female cat, has a knack for needing to go to the vet. Well a couple times a year. When she does its normally at least the visit, x-rays, and some meds. Normally her appointments revolve around her bowels. About 5 years ago we were moving. She got really sick. I came home and found her having a seizure on our kitchen floor and rushed her to the emergancy center. She had seizure almost the whole trip. I really though she was going to die. It was so scary. I told them to do everything possible to help her. I wanted x-rays done. But they passed on that. They did all kinds of testes. Told me she was in renel falure (Kidney failure) and had her on IV fluides. She pulled through and her kidneys were doing much better so they sent her home on Monday morning and told us to just watch her. So we took her to our vet the next day. I told her what had happened and her quiestion was like mine. What would cause renale failure and why would she just come back from it so quickly. So I asked her to do x-rays. She told me I may want to get an ultra sound at the Vet hospital. So the following day we took her there. They did an x-ray and found she had ate a charm. A big charm and it was lodged where her stomach meets her intestines so they rushed her into surgery only to call me to tell me she has a 20% chance of making it because the charm she swallowed had a string connected and it tore up her intestines really bad and they had been spilling into her stomach cavity all this time. John and I decide to finish the surgary and see how she did. They took over 50% of her intestines and she recovered slowly at first. We had to put her on a feeding tube. But after we started feeding her she recovered very quickly.

Every once in a while she will get constipated and her stomach will get sick. We have to take her in quickly and get X-rays to make sure she hasn't eaten anything harmful. Luckily, knock on wood, she hasnt't. But we have to put her on stomach meds to get her straightened up again. We also have to make sure she is diguesting her food properly since alot of her intestines is missing. Your intestines take the nurishment from your food. Other wise she is a normal, happy, attitude driven, cat.

But last week she decided to jump up where she always sleeps on the pile of covers ontop the washing machine. When she jumped down she messed up the ligements in her left, rear knee. Took her to the vet. Luckily everything still feels intact. She has alot of swelling. So they put her on a low dose of steroids to help with the swelling. They told me to watch her and if her progress stalls to take her to a specialist. I have my fingers crossed that she will continue to get better. But she has been using it more now and I am afriad she will over compensate and cause more problems. I am still giving her her meds and hopeing for the best. Hopefully all will be well :)

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