Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roxie -The klepto & destroyer of all

Evidence #1 Kennel covered in stuffing from toys and dog bed along with verious other items.

Evidence #2 The Husband's Sock, Notice the giant gaping wholes.

Evidence #3 Our yellow Cereal Bowl. That is no longer useable

Evidence #4 Johns winter hat. Another object full of wholes...

Evidence #5 The Cantaloupe, Notice it is laying right in front of her kennel. I know where she was heading... lol
She always grabs things and if we notice her she runs striaght for her kennel with item in mouth. She just cant help her self. I will say she has made it easier for me to let go of verious items I have had laying around. Ounce they are chewed up they are obviously not any use to me any more... And things I don't want chewed up are put away instead of left laying around. The way I look at it, If we leave things laying around knowing she is there and could chew it up, then if it gets chewed up its our faults, not hers. But some things she gets ahold of is pretty funny. O yeah, and she is very smart so things like opening the door to get the hair dryer and also getting other things with power cords.. Thats not very funny. But it is very cute when she steal stuff to take to her kennel. Just to see the expression on her face brightens my day :) lol

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