Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Parents have been Married 25 Years!!!!

This week was my parents 25 Wedding Anniversary...! I was hoping to be able to plan a big party but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it and the person I wanted to help me was going out of town. So I decided to make them dinner and a cake and have a home celebration. I made 2 different recipes and made a two layer cake. I used 2 Recipes from The joy of Vegan baking. The Strawberry cake and the Vanilla Cake. They both turned out supper sweet and tasty. For dinner I made Spaghetti and Red sauce with Garlic bread. So everything turned out nice. I think the really liked it. Atleast I hope so. this was also my parents first wedding cake. I wish I would have known that in advanced and I would have made it a bigger cake and purchased a cake topper. But anyways here are some pictures. Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Dad !!!!!

Camp- Bowling

This year "C" was in a parks and recreation camp thing. The went on a bowling trip and we went along of course. "C" and "Aut" behaved well but that other kids actually the older kids were offal. I could not believe how immature they acted. Throwing 2 and 3 balls down the ail at a time, knocking the bumpers down, hitting balls with other balls, hitting the reset button on other peoples games, & hitting the thing that comes down and collects the pins with the balls... They were outrages!!! I was so annoyed by the time we left and the lady who was supposed to watch them just let them do what ever they wanted. But after the the complaining.. I will say we got to bowl from about 11:30 till 2:30 that day for free. That was really nice. Although the kids got enough food that all the money was almost gone. But that was C's first time boiling and she had alot of fun..
(Picture: My vegan 4th of July Cake for this year!)
Well hello everyone. I am just now trying to catch up on the blog stuff. I have been pretty busy. If all the plans work out I will let you know later what I am working on. But I will catch everyone up on the stuff that has happened in July. Which isn't really to much exciting.

So the fourth went over ok. Some family friends came over. We had the parade but it rained actually it rained all day. And I don't just mean sprinkle it down poured. So we had to stay in most of the day. J and I left around 3:30 and came home to take a nap. We woke up that evening and took C to see the fire works. Not many people went because it was still down pouring. But it stopped right after the fireworks. Haha, Thanks Rain!!!! But we let off some fireworks too. So at least we didn't get wet.. But here are some pics from the day...
Pic 1: Vegan cupcakes that turned out a little pink. I couldn't find anything to get a red color.
Pic 2: C having fun waiting on the parade.
Pic 3: A float during the very wet parade.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day Prep..

Well today in the looming of the 4th of July holiday I baked almost all day. And its funny how you seem like it takes forever sometimes but yet nothing gets done. I baked from TJoVB: Chocolate Chip cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, 2 Chocolate Cake, & the chocolate peanut butter icing. I also made Chocolate Cupcakes from VCctotW. Tomorrow I also have to make some breakfast muffins. So I wanted to try some new recipes and never got the chance to. The kitchen has been a mess for a while and now the drain is stopped up. So all day I was running back to the bathroom sink to wash the dishes in a lil tiny sink. Fun fun fun. I normally love baking and I'm not saying that I hated it today or that I even disliked it. It just seemed a lil cheerless today. I love trying new recipes and I haven't get to really do that in a while. Although I did try the German apple cake and the banana chocolate cupcakes from TJoVB I need something else new. So I guess it hasn't been that long. But.. It just seems like it. A yeah.. plus my kitchen is a disaster. I don't mean category 1 tiny bopper tornado hit I am talking massive F-5 damage... lol.. any ways I guess its time for a cleaning/ organizing extravaganza. lol.. anyways. I will post the pics some other time I think I am going to go come down for the night and read my nice book called "Ghost Moon". Have a Happy 4th of July everyone !!!!!!