Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food.... Simple & Boring lately

I have been sick for the last month or so. Well what I thought was sick. I thought I has a kidney infection. I was trying to avoid going to the doctor and just wait it out. I know not smart. But I had animals that needed to see that vet. and plus I have never really been helped by a doctor. They always just look over what I am telling them and move on. Not solving the problem I have had since I was 12. So I skipped out on the Dr. and stayed in bed and cryed for a month from aweful kidney pain. Well what I thought was kidney pain.

A few nights ago. My husband was being the wonderful man that her is and was giving me a back massege. But when he was around my kidneys it didn't really hurt... So maybe its not a kidney infection... hmmm.. so I have him Pop my back and the next night he did the same thing. And after that I really haven't had any pain. My mother had asked me a week or so ago if it could be my back and because I have never had back pain like that I really thought it wasn't that. But it turns out that it must have been. I have been feeling better. Much better. And now I am getting back to do chores around the house. The house has fallen apart since I pretty much stopped getting out of bed. I got out of bed long enough to go to the store and get what I needed. And when my kidney/back area wasn't hurting I would do some stuff. But life got pretty much put on hold. So now I am thinking about making a Chiropractic appointment just to make sure everything is as it should be... Back in place...

So I have been blogging about the animals and other such stuff and have neglected food because I really haven't been eating anything interesting. Cereal, MS Riblets, Tofu Asian dumplings meal w/ extra broccoli, apples, bananas, toast, Oriental Roman Noodles w/ broccoli or edamame or corn, & a week worth of Tomato soup & toast... My husband specialty the Oriental roman noddles w/ veg.. and thats about as far as his cooking skills will take us. If it doesn't come from a box then he isn't making it. And even some things that come from a box he won't make. So our eating has been lacking... lacking alot....

But like I said I am finally feeling better and I am hoping to start cooking again. If I can ever get the dishes done that my loving husband wouldn't touch when I was sick. Till then I am stuck with easy peasy things.

Tomato Soup/ Pasta & Veg

Coleslaw- which I have never liked but decided I had the stuff to make it quickly today so I said what the heck. Its something new right? still something I'm not to big on.. But I am trying.

But the sun is shinning and I am excited to get back in the kitchen and to start cooking all kinds of yummy and new things! Plus I can't wait for it to get warm so we can get outside in the sun! And cook out... So glad summer is here and so glad I am feeling better. I hope it stays that way!

Garden Planning

I wanted to start over a month ago. But our closet is slow to get done and our extra room is covered in stuff from our bedroom. So I have been putting it off. But today I said enough was enough and I trekked into the backroom (2nd Bedroom) and found last years peapods and seeds to see exactly what I had and what I needed. I always start buying seeds before I check to see what I have. Its a bad habit considering I have like 3 packs of the same tomatoes from the last 2 or 3 years that have never been opened.

So, Step 1... Take inventory.... Check... I mean skipped... But now check :)

Step 2. Go through newly purchased seeds. Check- Although I didn't purchase any of the seeds I had from last year. But I did purchase Organic Beefsteak tomato seeds of a different brand. Does that count? :)

Step 3. Purchase the wrong kind of organic potting mix. Then go back to the store a week later to just so happen run across the mix I actually need... oops :) Check

Step 4. Forget to buy extra peapods because you think you have enough. Because you skipped that ever needed inventory check... oops .. And forget to get the plastic trays that hold the peapods so you don't make a mess every where because you think there is still some floating around some where.. Note to self have husband check storage shed.. again... stupid inventory! :)

Step 5. Plant what I can while listening to Mishka, because I am tried of waiting.

Step 6. Return to the store with that o so important thing called a "grocery list" so you come home with the supplies you actually need :) and all kinds of extra garden stuff that looks important but isn't necessary :)

Ok so my steps were a little off... whats new. But I still managed to get 11 different plants started today. Even with the missing supplies. And I still need to go to the store to get all the missing stuff and a few more seeds :) but I think I am off to an ok start. I just wish our growing season was longer.

Planted 3/31/2010 , Brand, and LYS= Last Years Seeds
  1. Organic Tomatoes- Cherokee Purple Burpee -6
  2. Organic Tomatoes- Rome Burpee-6
  3. Organic Tomatoes- Yellow Plum Burpee-6
  4. Organic Tomatoes- Beefsteak FM-6 LYS
  5. Organic Tomatoes- Sweeties, Cherry FM-6 LYS
  6. Organic Tomatoes- Brandywine FM- 6 LYS
  7. Organic Zucchini- Summer Squash Burpee-6
  8. Organic Eggplant- Early Long Purple FM-6 LYS
  9. Organic Cucumbers- Sumter pickling FM- 6 LYS
  10. Organic Cucumbers- Double Yield Burpee- 6
  11. Organic Cantaloupe- Hearts of Gold- 2 LYS
Can't wait to get the rest of my supplies. I was originally thinking about purchasing a tiller this year. But I think I am going to put it off for another year and just purchase a hand tiller. Fun fun.. But luckily the husband has the muscle to take care of that part. Well, if I can talk him into it. I am trying to kill the grass off in the new spot I am trying the garden in this year. I should have done that last fall but I was lazy and skipped that. so while we are moving our heating oil tank and extra oil storage. I have been laying out boards and tarps to kill off the grass in the area I would like to use. I do however need to pick a spot for the tomato plants and some of the other plants. I had a hard time doing this last year and skipped out of most the garden because of it. I missed having a garden so much last year! So I am trying to get my but into gear and get things done outside that need to get done! So good luck to me :) and to my husband who doesn't only procrastinate himself he is also bad about turning me into a procrastinator.... hmmmm.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Abu Losing weight

A couple weeks ago on a Friday we noticed Abu, our female ferret was losing some weight. Some weight is alot of weight for ferrets. Since they only weigh about 2 pds. She was lethargic, hard to wake up, and just not herself. I took her to the vet on Monday. We couldn't get into see our normal ferret vet. So we decided to go to the vet I took Big Red, our hen to. She is an exotic vet who normally see animals like ferrets, not chickens... :) She was so busy that day we had to wait forever because they were so busy they had just fit us in between some appointments. I took both the ferrets with me and Spanx was so hyper active he was walking all over Abu and she was already feeling icky. Well when we finally got into see her Abu decided to latch on to her hand before I could get out that she nips.. oops. But atleast she didn't bring blood. But the vet wasn't to happy about being nipped. But I was thinking in the back of my head... She is an exotic vet... shouldn't she know ferrets nip... :) . She talked to me about the symptoms and asked alot of questions and instead of treating her they way our normally vet treats them with 2 Antibiotics & carafate. She told me to switch her food back to Marshells from EVO and said because they might have Adrenal tumors it would be better to keep them on lower protein. And told me to give them Fish oil. Yuck.. right... Gave us some carafate tablets and told me to call if she continued to lose weight. She really took toime to decide how to treat her. She kept leaving the room and coming back to ask more questions. Then she would stand there and think and then leave again. I was so used to treating them with antibiotics when something like this happens I figured I would watch her closely for a couple days till our regular ferret vet could fit her in. But to my surprise after I switched the food, sprinkled it with the fish oil, and I didn't even give her the carafate she started doing better. Gaining weight, getting more energy, and just getting back to her normal self. She even stopped grinding her teeth and I haven't noticed her pulling at her mouth recently. She is also easier to wake up. So I would say awesome.

But it also made me notice that I have been giving them alot of antibiotics. I, myself will not take meds unless I absolutely have to. I don't mean just prescriptions like antibiotics & birth control. I mean like stuff clear down to over the counter sinus pills, aleve, & vitamins. And I hate giving stuff like wormers and vaccinations to the animals. But with the ferrets I thought that was the only thing I could do. And now I see how just a simple change and some extra fat that in the wild they would naturally get for themselves can totally change an ailment. I know fish oil is not vegan and I might even get some comments because of that. But when I took these animals in I took on the responsibility of doing everything I can to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. And who ever has animals should take on that responsibility or don't have them. Rescuing animals is awesome but only if you are going to care for them.

But I am glad she is doing better and I am now putting Fish oil in my list of good ferret "foods". Because it really helped!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

21 days have come and Gone

Well 21 days have come and gone and still no chicks. Not sure if these eggs were laid after the first few or if they are just not going to hatch. Going to wait for a couple more weeks to make sure. Don't know what else to do. Hope at least one hatches. Lil Banti is still staying right on them and not moving off. So she is still having faith so I am going to try to. :)

We also finally figured out how to leave her in the coop with all the chickens and keep her eggs safe. She is content and has been getting alot more sleep. She doesn't leave her eggs often anyways. Only to eat & drink once a day. Plus if any of the eggs hatch the chickens can get used to them before they actually come in contact with them. The safe way. We just put up some half inch wire mesh to separate the coop.

After checking out a freshly laid Big Red egg we have come to the conclusion that Gaia is laying the dark egg that I thought was every ones but hers. But now Gaia is egg bound. I am not sure what the problem is. I know that is supposed to be a sign of needing more calcium. But they have a bowl of calcium all the time. So I am not sure if they are just not sure what the calcium is or if they just don't want it. I'm not sure. I just wish the egg issues would stop. She also laid an egg shell that is completely compressed and is also part of it is membrane only. She has not laid an egg that I know of since Thursday. I did see one Thursday and almost everyday prior. But she normally lays daily. Not sure but I hope the problem solves itself tonight or we will need to help her tomorrow or take her to the vet. But hoping for the best.
This is Big Reds Egg...

Right is Big Reds Egg & Left is Gaias Egg. There is more of a color difference then it seems.

I am thinking about starting a chicken blog so that it can stop taking over this blog. I probably should as much as I have had on here lately. But I really enjoy having chickens and really like to put up as much info about them as I can. I think I may have a slight obsession with my chickadees.... :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Pibble & her Egg- Dogzilla Egg Toy Review

Thought I would right some reviews on dogs toys and how they last through our 3 dogs. Our best Chewer is our Pibble, Roxie. So alot of the reviews will stem from her and her chew experience. But some Playability will also come from our other Pups, Chloe, A basset beagle mix (Bagel) and Sophie, our Australian Shepard mix.

Our first toy review is for the Dogzilla Treat Egg that we purchased at Walmart for $6.00. It is weighted on bottom so it bobbles around like a Weeble. You know Weebles wobble but they don't fall down... :) It has a slot that most small kibble food will fall out of but treats are a little big unless you break them up. The slot also opens & closes & goes to what ever size is best for your food. But I find that Roxie knows where the food comes from so she moves it around and even closes it herself from time to time. I have been using it to feed her a few smaller servings of food a day. This way she doesn't bother every one else while they are eating and she losses interest in her bowl. It also totally opens for easy filling & cleaning. The plastic is pretty thick but it you left it to be chewed on it could be broken by a strong chewer like a Pit. But she has chewed on it some and it still is standing with out any cracks or chips. But if she chewed on the treat hole the right way it would break pretty easy. But at $6 it will keep her from bugging every one else and as long as we watch her with it I don't think it will get broke to soon. So if it gets broke I will replace it at $6.00. But she does really love this thing and it gives her something to keep her attention for a long while.

On Pibble Scale of 1 to 5. I give this 4.5 Pibble Points.... I have deducted half a point for the little sliding door that can be broken pretty easy if your not paying attention. And for heavy chewers this will bust if chewed hard enough. Plus it will fit in her mouth so if her mouth was bigger she could bust it.

On the Bagel Scale of 1 to 5. I give this a 4.5 Bagel Bites also. Chloe really seemed to like it. She was really interrested and ate all the food. I don't think she could bust it. So it would be a good toy that she could actually keep around without my super vision. So it would be great stimulation for hound dogs.

Sophie really hasn't shown any interrest. But she also would not be able to break it.

3/3/2011 Since my original post I have all but stopped letting Roxie play with it because everytime she would pick it up she would drop it off the couch and it would through food everywhere... She still loves the thing and would chew it till nothing was left if I would gave her the chance. I do give it to her from time to time. Normally though it is only when she isn't eating well or she spots it sitting in my pantry and I feel bad so I let her play with it but I always end up cleaning up the mess by the end... Now on the other hand Chloe our Beagle Basset mix can play with it and not pick it up. She doesn't even seem interrested in picking it up... :) 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Love is in the air

Yesterday we were outside trying to get a few things done and the chickens were making all kind of noise. Although we used to sit outside last summer near the coop I never noticed what I noticed yesterday. But then again last year they hadn't really started mating and laying eggs till August & September. But there is a little mating ritual. I am always irritated that the roosters will not leave our hens alone. But as I watched them yesterday the hens give the roosters signals. And then they play hard to get. They stir up the whole yard running around and freaking out being chased by the roosters but that was after the gave a mating stance. I'm not saying it is always like that. But it was interesting to learn.

After being out there for a while listening to all the commotion John cracked a joke. He said that we needed to take pictures of all the chickadee couples mating and make a collage to put up online with "Me so horny, O me so horny" playing in the back ground.. lol. We both got a good laugh from that... :)

This morning I went outside to lock the chickadees outside so they would leave Lil Banti & her eggs alone.. (4 days left and counting) and found that one of our chickens had laid a soft "Jelly" like egg. There were also 2 other eggs that were fine. Really strange to find that many eggs not eaten by the chickens. But I brought the jelly egg inside to take pictures and show John. They must need more calcium. We give them calcium all the time. I guess we are going to have to get a separate feeder just for calcium. This can lead to another episode of being egg bond so I hope she eats enough calcium before that happens. Have you noticed that the chickens have taken over this blog. I am going to have to start cooking again. I haven't been feeling very well for the last month with what I think is a kidney infection. Been putting off going to the Doctor. But if it doesn't go away by the end of the week I think I might actually have too.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Chickens-Day 15

This will be what we are considering as day 15. Lil Banti has been on her nest almost non stop even when our other chickens pick on her. But over night she threw out 4 of the eggs. 3 brown & 1 of hers. We Candled them and 2 of the brown eggs had babies in them. So we took them back out and stuck them under her. They were pretty cold though. So I hope they are still ok. I guess we will see in 5 to 6 days. It was really strange to actually candle an egg and see a baby inside. This picture is an egg with no baby. I didn't take the time to take the picture of the one with a baby. If she kicks it out again I will post a picture.

We started building the chicks home yesterday and had to change our plan from a triangle to a square because our Mider Saw is stupid... But it is almost done. We need to go out and get some more wood today since we only purchased enough the first time to make the triangle. But it only ran us about $50 to make the mini coop. And we are going to use it for the Roosters after Lil Banti Vacates.

We also actually visually seen our Chicken, Gaia, lay her egg this morning. So we are one egg closer to knowing who lays the different colored eggs. So light brown egg w/ white speckles belongs to Gaia. Did I mention that we a chicken lays on egg fluid comes out with it. Kinda like the gosh of fluid you see come out when a baby is born... Just an interesting tid bit into my morning :)
Update: Today while we were out purchasing the finishing supplies for the brooder house the chickens cannibalized Lil Banti's eggs. So know there are only 3 eggs out of the 11 left. 2 Banti eggs & 1 brown egg. Even the 2 that we knew for sure had babies in them are gone. I marked them before returning them this morning so we could tell if the hatched after getting cold. So who knows if we will get any chicks know? I was excited to have babies again.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Chickens-2

Well it has been a couple days since my chick update and now we are only at day 9 but I just starting thinking about the different things that will need done for our chicks this year.
For one our hen Lil Banti is going to try to raise them. This means we have to go into the coop and make some changes. Plus I have been reading that it is best to remove Lil Banti and her chicks so none of the adults will hurt them. So now we have to make a separate home for them. But at the same time I have been wanting to make a separate coop for the roosters. So I am thinking that we might build a smaller coop and let her use it first. Then move the rooster to it as well as their new enclosure. I have not yet decided if I am defiantly going to separate them. I have been debating it for a while. all 8 of our flock has always been together and I feel awful for trying to separate them. But at the same time they pick on the hens and since its spring they are ripping out the hens feathers while trying to mate. Even if we separate them from the hens they will still be right beside the hens. Plus they are very mean and I am now kinda afraid to go in with the Hens who really like socializing with us. So. I am not sure yet. But that is what I am thinking.

That hawk that tried to take out of chickens this winter is living in the pine tree in my parents back yard. Less than 300 ft from the chicken coop.....Thats one more concern for our coming new babies...

We also need to fix the snow damage to our current enclosure and put a new ramp up into the coop. Shovel out all the winter straw from the ground. It is pretty much all mulched up but at the same time I don't want any of the babies coming in to contact with it. Put some smaller mesh around the bottom of the enclosure to keep the chicks in and away from the road, dogs, cats, & hawks... Just a general over all fix I think. But alot of it needs done any ways.

But I am excited to have babies again. Even though they were not planned. We have never really had any babies around except our chicks last year. We are very responsible with our animals. So all the animals at our house have been spayed or neutered. Except the roosters because the vet told us it is very risky to neuter an adult rooster. So they are still doing what they do. Since we don't take their eggs out on a regular basis. We leave most of them to let them eat and only clean them out ever so often when they haven't been eaten. So separation may be the key here. :(

But hope we can get stuff done outside before they hatch. Hopefully our day count is right...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Chickens

Last year we brought home 8 chicks on April 9th. Six turned out to be hens and we were also blessed with 2 roosters. We brought them up handling them daily. Now the roosters hate us of course and Titan the Americana Rooster tries to kill me when ever I go near them. So he isn't always called by his name. He has several other names I like to use but we will leave those out. :)Anyways... with a new spring season approaching comes chicks right? Thats not exactly what was supposed to happen. This year we really wasn't planning on adding to the brood. But our Lil Banti has decided to start laying on 4 eggs and we are not sure how long she was laying before we found them. So we might have 4 more chickens. With our luck they will all be roosters. But we are of course hoping that they will be pullets. There are 2 Banti eggs and 2 brown eggs. Not sure who laid the 2 brown eggs though. We have 4 chickens that lay brown eggs and we have yet to figure out whos are whos. Out of all our chickens right now she seems to be the only one interested in laying. Luckily. Our guess is that she disappeared 7 days ago to lay on her eggs. So we are at seven days and counting. Fingers cross for pullets :) Either way we will be blessed with more little chickidees to share our lives with.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ankle Breaker

See all that dark brown... That would be from another newly added ankle breaking hole in our front yard :) Watch out were you step water meter reader not only do you have to ditch the newly stinky laid shoe destroyers but now navigate around the newly added hole that should swallow your entire leg.. but hey.. Maybe after the meter reader falls into the gianto hole and disappears we just won't get a water bill.. Thumbs up from me! :) So many things to fix when spring finally get here.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is Coming... Slowly but its still on its way! :)

As the title states spring is approaching... and although slow.. It is coming and I can't wait. I am already making a list of things that need done. Somethings that should have been finished last year and the first outdoor projects for this year. The other day at Walmart I started purchasing my first Organic seeds of the year. I do have alot of seeds from former years but I am not sure how they will grow. So I am not sure if I want to waste my time. I need to keep them in the fridge this coming year that way next year they will have a better chance at being good. Anyways. I can't wait to plant my first seed in transplant containers. But right now there is one thing stopping me. We started building a walk in closet a month or 2 ago and because we don't have a truck that is mobile right now it is hard to buy the 5 or 6 pieces of dry wall we need to finish. So I purchase the rails for hanging. But I have not purchased drywall, shelves, or the door. Everything from our room is in our 2nd bedroom. That we consider the animal room. Because all the animal stuff is back there. I was also going to put the small green covered green house back there to state our plants for the year. But there is to much back there and no room to do it anywhere else. so not sure when the seeds will get planted. But it better be soon. We are also waiting to redo the flooring and paint in our bedroom. We are doing the 2nd bedroom this summer. And I still need to order a bunch of seeds online. I can't wait!

The last few days the sun has felt warmer and by Sunday it is supposed to be 46F. But it has still been getting cold at night. Still like 14F. So thats good. The snow is slowly going away and slowly is good. A total thaw would flood us. I hope the snow goes away before we get any rain. I know that won't happen. But I hope its just a small amount of rain when we do. I am a little worried about getting flooded this spring but hopefully it is a "un-warranted" worry...

So things I hope John and I can get done as soon as the snow melts...

  • Level the ground, move the heating oil tank, and all the other junk to put up the new dog kennel- We don't keep our dogs outside so it is no big hurry. But it is going to be attached to our porch so the dogs & cats can go outside anytime they want. They cats have never been able to go outside, Except on the screened in porch.
  • Till and level the area we are turning into the garden. -We are planning on purchasing a Tiller this year and I am excited to have a bigger garden.
  • Finish the Chicken coop & Enclosure- It never totally got finished this year and now we are going to expand it some more. To give them some extra space. They already have a ton of space but since they are in an enclosure I want to make it as big as possible with as many perches as possible.
  • Finish the Front porch and plant some flowers, herbs, and veggies that look pretty in front of the porch- We tore it apart about 2 years ago to enlarge it and have not touched it since.oops.. :) Talk about procrastination.
  • Fix Johns Talon, Fix my car door handle, and try to find someone to weld the frame on my Grandfathers truck.
  • Build a small shed for garden tools and Chicken feed.
  • Clean the screened in porch and fix the treadmill.
I could go on. But This stuff is already going to take forever. I hope it all gets done in a timely manner & with out to many arguments.. All of this comes with money so many of these projects will run into summer. But hopefully they will get done. I also want to get a couple pther things. A roling composter & a rain barrel are just 2 of them....

New Glasses, Alice in Wonderland & A tragedy

Today I finally picked up my new glasses. O' Yeah I didn't mention that Roxie ate my other glasses that I loved so much. She is evil.. Not really and no I didn't scald her or yell or even get mad at her. I knew how bad she wanted to eat my glasses. She had tried to get them before. She had even gone through so much trouble as to figure out how to pull open my night stand drawer to get them out. Luckily every time in the past I had caught her before they got damaged. Evil Moe Moe the cat wanted to eat these glasses. They were good glasses. See even all the animals thought so... Anyways she really killed them about a week ago. Since it had been three years since I had been to the eye doctor I had to get an appointment. The day after she massacred them we got a good amount of snow. But I was ready to fight through it and get a new pair of glasses asap! But the car and snow had other ideas and about the time we started up the first hill leading out of town I quickly changed my mind.

Side note: My husband drives 4 to 5 sometimes 6 days a week for work. All over the state. And in snowy weather. ALL THE TIME... He has never really had a problem. He is good at correcting issues when they do come about. Luckily. we have slid down hills and although I have been scared to death that we were going to end up in the ditch being drug out by a toe truck. Him & the anti lock breaks have managed to keep us on the road. saying that.. back to my story.

We started up the hill and the car really did not want to go up the hill. Never really had a problem going up a hill. I would normally much really go up then down. But This day the car wasn't really wanting to go up the hill because the roads were ice. Snowy Ice....and at some points it would just stop and spin. It took us a couple of minutes to get up the hill. Luckily there is a pull off at the top. So we pulled of and talked about the long journey ahead and decided my glasses could wait. So we came back went up town to the library got some books & movies and then came home. I luckily found a pair from about 9 years ago. Fixed them and have used them for the last week.

But yeah. Went to Eyemart yesterday after my appointment to get them express. They were supposed to be done in one hour. But after I picked out 2 sets of frames.. I was told the machine was broke and they might be done later today but it would probably be later. So $138.. and some odd cents later I came home. Only to find out 20 minutes before I got home they had left a message on the machine that they were ready to be picked up. I like about 1 to 2 hours away. So needless to say after a long day I was not happy to hear that I would have to drive back the next day. But I got out of bed and went to get them. we also took Chey with us to see Alice in Wonderland. But I really do like my new glasses. I wish I would have looked at the Sunglasses too. I didn't even see them when I was picking out my glasses...
Alice in Wonderland was pretty good. I was sleepy when we got there so I would probably give it a better rating if I wasn't sleepy through out watching it. this movie had really nice scenes. Every location was very detailed. Love all the detail. Makes me wish I would have learned more about graphic art. But they did a great job on the details. Some of the people were fuzzy some of the time. Maybe it was just the theater. I'm not sure but only like one person on the screen would be kinda fuzzy. But thats something I can look over. They plot was good. The acts were good. I kinda wish they would redue the original movie I the same way. So you can get that up to date version of the original that everyone loves. But the plot was good. Some parts move kind slow for young kids. We went during the day so most of the people who were there were over 50. But we all really liked it. Here are some Trailers...

We had enjoyed the day but then on the way home something unspeakably tragic happened. A cat ran out in front of us. John was driving and could not miss him. He was killed pretty much instantly. He was a very pretty young, grey, un-neutered, male cat. Probably around a year or so old. We turned around probably 40 feet from were we hit him and went back to check to see if he was alive. I was going to rush him the the E-Vet. But he was already gone. We picked him up in a sheet and brought him home so we could give him a burial. I can not believe it happened. We have been so lucky in the past not to hit the animals that have ran in front of us. And we are both grieving the loss of this special being. Even if we didn't know him. It has become a very sad day for us. And I am not sure what to make of this or how to feel. I really hope & prey in the future that this never happens again. We always take special care to drive safe for not only humans but the many animals that run around the roads. I'm just astonished that this happened when we are always so careful.