Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: Strive for Balance and you will find Harmony: New Years Resolutions

2012 New Year Resolutions- 

"Strive for Balance and you will find Harmony" 


  1. Make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.
  2. Struggle or fight vigorously: "scholars must strive against bias".


  [bal-uhns]  Show IPA noun, verb, -anced,-anc·ing.
1. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calmbehavior, judgment, etc.


  [hahr-muh-nee]  Show IPA
noun, plural -nies.
agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

  1. Put Veganism on my front burner: I will not lie.. The last few months of 2011 I was not a good vegan.. I wasn't a vegan at all. Cheese was my down fall and I slipped into old habits that come easy. Easy is never a good thing... Easy is just that Easy and is not a way to strive to become a better me... For me and for the animals...When I am vegan I feel a definite Peace, a Balance, a Harmony from with in and in life... So I am striving to become a vegan and stay a vegan...
  2. Workout/ Weight loss/ Nutritional Goals: I am striving to become a better me in alot of ways this year and that includes again... Physically, along with emotional and mentally, I can not be in balance if I am not happy with my physical being... So My goal is to hit the gym atleast 3 Times a week for Cardio and Strength Training. And I am striving for a significant weight loss and toning of my body this year. Weight loss goals: Jan-Mar 10lb, April-June 8lb, July-Oct 8lb, Nov-Dec 5lb... Nutritional Goals will be to eat a more balanced diet that doesn't consist of vegan "junk food" on a regular basis. To cook nutritionally balanced meals.
  3. Debt: Pay off 6,000 in debt and put atleast 3,000 in savings to stay.
  4. Shopping: Buy only the produce that I plan on using within the new 5 days. Plan actual meal weeks so that I only buy what I need and not more... To save food and money. To not stress shop or make up reasons to buy things I don't really need.
  5. Cooking: Cook atleast 1 new healthy recipe a week. 
  6. Reading: Read 12 books 
  7. Cleaning and Projects: Organize the house and the storage buildings. Try to get done the projects that get planned or have been planned.... ( Kitchen Cabinets, Chicken Coop, Dog Kennel, Storage Shed, Bedroom Floor, and Animal Room Floor, Bathroom). Take recyclables in on a normal basis.
  8. Artistic Side: Paint atleast 2 pictures.
  9. Relationships: To nurture the relationships that are on the front burner. To give of myself to the extent that I can healthfully and pray they work out successfully, healthfully, lovingly. & happily for all.
  10. Procrastinating: I am bad about procrastinating...Not as bad as some (cough cough, John, cough), but still bad all in the same. So Hopefully I can work on getting things done in a more timely manner instead of right before I need it because I didn't want to do it...

Well again I have a good long list and could probably add a few more. I am sure I will think of many over the year that I can add in because it is always a good time to Strive the become the person you want to be.