Sunday, November 22, 2009

ATrip to Hagerstown, MD & an adoption: Pie

Well another trip to add to this year. We don't normally take so many trips in one year. Even if they are day trips. But we have been blessed this year and have been able to pay down some of our debt as well as take a few day trips and a vacation.

I mentioned early in the week that something would be going on. well we took a dog trip to Hagerstown, MD. It is about 3 hours from our house. But 4 or 4 1/2 when we drive it. We like to stop and eat and do whatever. We are very slow travelers. Anyways. We had a goal for the day but first we did a little bit of shopping. Who would have guessed right? lol

We found the location we needed for that evening and it was located at a shopping center called Centre of Hagerstown. It was located right off the interstate. It had many stores ranging from Home depot to Ac Moore & Marshells as well as a good sized borders book store. It had many other stores too. But these are some of the ones we visited.

I went into Pet Smart to look around. I have only been in one twice and it was at like 5 minutes to closing. So we went in and checked it out. They had a ton of very sweet kittens up for adoption.

Then we went to AC Moore and I purchased 2 pictures frames that have mat board and places for 3 pictures. I am going to put pictures of all our cats and dogs in them. I will need one more Picture frame though. They were 50% each. So they were $5.49 each.

Then stopped by Marshells and looked but didn't purchase anything. That store was about the same size as ours and had basically the same thing we did. But they had a good sized book section.

Then to Borders book store which I had been looking forward too. It is 3 times the size of our borders and even had a cafe. I haven't been into a Borders with a cafe since I went to Watertown, NY 5 or 6 years ago. So they had a huge Vegan/ Vegetarian book section. I looked through a ton of books. But they still didn't have a couple of the books I have been looking for. But they did have tons. John spent his time looking through some Raw food books. I also looked through a good many AR/ Ethics books. They had a good amount of those as well. Or at least more then our stores. Found a couple that I have never been able to look through. But I didn't purchase anything. There is a few books I have been really wanting so kinda saving my money for those....and black Friday.

I looked up Natural food stores before I left that day and found 3 different stores. Martin's is a chain grocery store with a natural food section. So I decided to check there for my Vegan Worchshire sauce. I also scanned for some other stuff. I did get a few things. I even signed up for their store discount card so I could save some money. They do have a small but versatile natural foods section. Its big compared to anything I have in my area though. And I did finally find Worchshire sauce. But instead of the wizards brand it is Annies. But I did grab 3 bottle since i can never find it here. I didn't really purchase to much. just a few hard to find items. And some Vegan store brand burgers that are just cheaper then what I can get.

Then we decided to hunt down the Prime outlets. I was looking for a store called OOPS. To see what it was. Plus it was supposed to have books. But when we finally found the right address at the outlets the store was no longer in business. But the Prime outlets would be a nice place to browse and shop. It has a ton of stores and a nice atmosphere. Would be a nice evening place to shop.

Next up was a book store I had also found online called Wonder book. It is a used and new bookstore with tons of books. I could have stayed there forever browsing through their enormous collection of books. I found a few books that I wanted but I only ended up with two. The idiots guide to Gardening & Animals in Translation. Both at $5 each. I also had another book picked out. Written by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. But I guess it didn't have the right price on it so they would have had to hold it till they could look it up. Well heck with them then. So I had to leave that one behind...

Then we traveled back to our original location to do what we actually went to do. We went and waited in the Mcdonalds parking lot where we were waiting to meet an animal transport group called Throw away Pups Transport.
So let me go back a little over a week.

On my facebook page there is a person who shares the Euthanasia list for Greenville, SC. I have a habit of looking through the pictures and it is very heart breaking. I had seen this Pit bull mix named Pie and could not get her out of my head.The next day John and I went to the grocery store and I was in the center of the store and broke down crying. John knew what it was about and we stood there and talked about it for a minute and he said I could call about her. She was to be euthanized that day. I had my mom find a phone number to a place called Noahs Ark rescue which is who lists the euthanasia list. The lady at Noah's ark rescue then e-mailed the Greenville animal service division to tell them not to euthanize her because we wanted to adopt her. So that day I had to come home and write to the shelter. They don't take phone calls. I started the adoption process which really in all actuality isn't a process at all. They asked for my name and address and when we would pick her up. I wrote asking about transport because on their website it said they transport just ask. well I guess they don't transport to far. I got a WHERE are you ? we are in GREENVILLE, SC! ok. Well then don't put on your website that you transport. But they did send me the email for Throw away Pup Transport after I wrote back and explained why I had asked. So anyway. I got in contact with them. It was $125 to transport her from Greenville to Hagerstown so we decided to do it. They go from NH to SC and back making stops a little bit of every where along the way. They have a route list on their website.

Pies adoption fee turned out to be waived because she had been sponsored. So next I just had to wait. I emailed to let the shelter know about transport picking her up and then had to wait till Friday to go to Hagerstown. During that week she was spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated, & heart worm tested by the Greenville Humane Society which they are linked to. It was free on charge. The way that shelter works is the Humane society (which is no kill) will come and pick some of the animals from the shelter to neuter/spay, vaccinate, HW test, etc and then adopt out. But they can't do that for all the animals located at the Greenville animal care service. The ones who do not get adopted or pulled by another rescue get euthanized. But because they are attached to the HSUS when you adopt from the GACS the HSUS will go ahead and neuter , etc. Free of Charge. They also have an animal insurance program free for 30 days. But we are not located anywhere near there so we don't get the free service.

Anyways so Friday came and we picked up "Pie" at 8pm that evening and started on our way home. She is a very sweet baby who loves attention. She is some where between 8 to 10 months old and is about 45lbs. She loves to dig and the first thing she did in my car was dig ferret food out of the crack of the back seat. She is very energetic. And she has really been getting frustrated because we have to keep her locked in the bathroom till everyone gets acclimated. They dogs are doing ok together when they walk. But Chloe really has a long process of taking up to new house mates. "Pie" also views are cats as food right now.. or maybe she just looks like she does. But I wouldn't let her try anything. She seems to have a huge prey drive. Which I hope will calm down as she gets out and around the cats more often. The next few weeks are going to be long. We have not yet decided if we are keeping her or adopting her out. I guess it all depends on how the animals decide to get along with her and if she decides to leave the cats alone. we have also changed her name to Roxie! There will be more about her in the future! O ' yeah she has not taken her frustrations out on my door frame and ripped it off.... and the camera date is wrong..oops

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Dog Left Behind : Military Channel

No Dog Left Behind : Military Channel

Baghdad Pups Offical SPCA International - Check this page out too and donate if possible

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Just got done watching a documentary on the military channel called "No dog left behind". Talks
about Dogs & cats that Military men & women have found in Iraq
and how these animals have touched their lives. It took lots of effort
to get these animals back to the US. But for the last few years it has been happening. These ...stories include Lava from the book From Baghdad with Love and 3 or 4 other stories. Including that of Nubs which really touched me heart. Very touching how much effort has been put into saving these animals. You also get to learn a few things about military laws & regulations. And what the military are actually supposed to do with these animals. So to see some of these dogs make it to the US is a true miracle. Please take the time to watch this documentary.

Here are also a few other stories about Iraq dogs being rescued.
SPCA Iraq dog rescue update and saving Cinnamon- Oct 20, 2009
Saving Cinnamon- The book on sale now
Iraq rescued dog needs new home
Worn torn Iraqi dogs find new "leash on life" in NY
Dog rescued in Iraq finds loving home in the US

Just do a search on Iraq Dog Rescue you will find tons of stories! So many touching stories...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Books, Arts Supplies & Coupons, My day in a nut shell

Well as I mentioned in the previous post I have yet again went shopping for books & art supplies, as well as used alot of coupons.

First coupon use of the day was at AC Moore. I Purchase a Book called Tasty Crochet. It looks awesome. Although they want you to use wool. So I hope things turn out ok using Cotton..... Why does every knitting book tell you to use wool & other animal fibers...? So annoying. I have been looking for a cotton or cotton blend pattern for a Shrug but have yet to find one....So evil... Someone please point me in the right direction :) Originally 18.95

Went to Krogers to use some coupons on some new meals Healthy Choice has out. They are Pot Stickers with Asian flavored rice & veg. What I can see of them I am assuming they are vegan. I hope they are and that I am not just missing some chemical word some where. If I am please let me know. But I didn't spend any more money on them. I had 2- $2.00 off coupons. The meals range from $1.88 to $2.12 around here. So sometimes buying them paying me... :) which is always a good thing. They are pretty good. The Pot stickers have tofu, cabbage, & carrots in them. Then the rice & veg has something like sweet & sour sauce but its a little tangy too. Pretty good though!

Then went back to AC Moore and used another 50% off coupon for Martha Stewart's glitter set. I want to do all the animals portraits in her glitter painting to hang up around the house... Might take some time and patients but hopefully I will get it. It was originally $29.98 and I got it for $14.99. I also got a .99 cent bottle of craft glue...

Then went to target. Got some Salt & Vinegar baked chips. The only ones I can find without whey in them. There is one other brand but they are really sour/bitter.. not sure but I make funny faces of pain.... :) Christmas gifts, and some cleaner.

Also went to Marshalls- browsing bought books & Christmas presents, Toys R Us- Looking for Zhu Zhu Pets, Subway- Had a veggie sub, Tractor Supply Co- looking for a dog harness & chicken supplies ... its crazy what you can find at a farm store... I mean outside of chicken stuff.. lol... Biglots- Browsing, Jo Ann Fabrics- browsing, Borders looking through some of the vegan cook books I have been wanting.. and have I mentioned the ladies working there tonight where useless? and Walmart- Got a couple groceries.... Grand total.. although I saved a lot using coupons.. is still to much for me to post today.. so embarrassing.... :)

Also picked up a couple Christmas presents. I think my next rant just might be about consumerism & Christmas..... yay....

Books Galore- Cook books, Art books,AR Books, Religion Books, Etc

Well of course I love books. Find any excuse I can to purchase books. Love the way they look. The way they small... how easy they are to organize.... Love to learn new information... I do read fiction ever so often too, and I love to get immersed in a good story that lasts longer then a 2 hour movie. (Pictured is just 3 of my bookshelves. The rest are in other room and I am getting ready to bough another).

So I find my self buying tons of books. More then I should. More then I could read. Or at least more them a do read. Cook books! I love vegan cookbooks. They are my favorite books to get right now. Animal rights books and books that are anti- animal rights.. I love seeing both views and having that in the back of my mind in case the arguments ever come up. One book I would like to look at with out giving the fool my money would be Worship not the Creature. It drives me crazy when people set around the book store and read whole books. Well this would be one of those books for me. I would be the annoying one in the corner reading... lol ... any who.....

So I have been getting some awesome deals. Although it hasn't been on vegan cook books. It has been on other books of interest.
New Books at Bargain Prices
Last week , I stopped by a Borders Book store in Morgantown to use my 30% coupon. I was hoping they would have a better selection of vegan cookbooks then our other borders does. But sadly that store is smaller then our other one. I ended up getting a big stack of books for $1 each. I did still use my coupon on The Backyard Homestead. John and I would love to become mostly self sustained. So I do some times pick up some books on how to get further into that. It was originally $18.95 and I got it for $13.28. Plus all the $1 books we picked up. ( The books that say 3.99 w/ a blue sticker are still on sale for $1 each)

( And no I don't buy into fad diets I just like reading about different nutritional stuff, Hinduism is not my religion I just like researching other religions, I don't think Cesar is Dog god, Green is they way I prefer to try to live, and the raunchy books I have no excuse for :) )

Used Books
The week before that I finally checked back in with the used book sale I visit from time to time beside Mannington Library. They have a huge amount of books. Although they used to have more. They cost anywhere from .0 to .50 and they also sell Magazines,audio books, VHS, Cassettes. They take all the libraries discarded books as well as the public book donations. So they are open every Friday and the same lady runs it. The last time we went I went looking for Fall magazines. I refuse to pay $4 or $5 dollars sometimes more for magazines. Except the few I am subscribed to like Vegnews & Vegetarian times. But I also ran into a huge pile of discarded photography books. Which is one of my areas of interest. I have a few manual cameras that I don't use very often. I would love to have my own darkroom one day. Maybe someday they will come out with vegan film. Who knows. I only spent like 2 or 3 dollars and got a bunch of books. Sometimes some stores send them discarded, brand new books with the covers ripped off. And they give those away for free. But most books are .10 cents each. I don't think she really charges you that for them when you have a ton of them like I normally go over and get. I think she just pops off a number... lol.. But thats ok with me. I used to go their all the time but then I realized between gas and the $2 to $5 I was spending on fiction a week I could save it and order alot of vegan cook books from amazon... So that ended my weekly visits. But I do still go back from time to time.

We also have a Barnes & Noble & Books a million- They both have bargain sections and Books a million even sells discarded library books now for $3.00 each. I haven't been there for a while. I will have to go visit. I wonder if they have coupons...

Today I went to AC Moore, Marshells & the other Borders books store in Clarksburg. I found quit a few interesting books. At Ac Moore I had some 50% off coupons so I used one on a book about crocheting food. It is very cute. Go to my next post to see which book I picked out. At Marshells I picked up 3 knitting books that have some really cute stuff in them. They were only 3.99 each. So that was a great find. They had quit a few books today. Maybe they are getting them in for the Holidays. I will have books to look at TJ Maxx where I also go to by books,, and cough, cough,.. cooking accessories.... um ..and they almost always have the Martha Stewart cooking school book for super cheap but I keep skipping over it because it has such a big section on meat. So I am not sure if I really want it. Anyways... Then I went to borders with another 30% off coupon but decided I would skip using it because I had already spent so much today.. plus I have a trip on Friday... But I did buy 2 more $1 books and I also bought and donated a book to the Children's hospital.

So it has been great book shopping lately.. But I still don't think I have had my fill... :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thai Peanut Butter sesame Noodles w/ Tempeh & The Tomato Massacre

Pictured this about a year ago and never posted the recipe. I have now lost and made up new concoctions for the last year and every time I make one I like I end up losing. So this time I am blogging it while the noodles are still cooking. Granted this is easy. If you get a little to much of one ingredient its no longer very appealing...

Thai Peanut Butter Sesame Noodles w/ Tempeh

1 Package any pasta, Try Soba, They are really yummy buckwheat noodles that are used in Asian food.

1 Pack Tempeh per 2 or 3 people

4 Tbsp Peanut Butter
2 Tbsp Sesame Oil
4 Tbsp Reduced Sodium Soy soy
1 Tsp Ground Ginger

Start Preparing pasta. And start frying Tempeh. While everything is cooking mix all the sauce ingredients and set aside.

Coat noodles in sauce.

To make the Tempeh make a half recipe of the sauce. Coat tempeh in sauce and then mix tempeh into pasta. This way there is a nice kick of sauce on the tempeh.

This dish is good cold and hot. I really like it cold. I also really like it with Broccoli, bean sprouts, shredded carrots and/or snap peas.

My weird cat love tomatoes. The other day I went to the grocery store and bought an organic tomato. Paid $2.45 for the one tomato. Then I left it on the counter. Not thinking that the cat would bother it because he has never bothered a whole tomato before. Well John walked into the kitchen the next day and found it. Laying on the floor with all kinds of teeth marks and big wholes taken out of it. That poor tomato never seen it coming.

In the next week I will also have another Post. one I am really excited about. But Just watch to see!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Accidents & Arts Store sales and Coupons + My take on the Cliff Bar & Pizza Sauce Recipe

Went to the art store yet again. Couldn't let my 50% off coupon go to waste could I?

Well John recently ran his work van off the road and into a rock avoiding a head on collision with a vehicle that was on his side of the road. My husbands place of work os being a complete but about this. He was off work till he could do drivers training again. And that was from last Monday till This Monday when he went back. So we have had to worry about many all week. Finally they tell us he was not found at fault. And this morning told us he would have pay for Tues, Wed, and Sun.... So 30 hours.... When he Missed over 40.... So irritating. They are supposed to get back to us soon like 8 other Hours for Monday. But they have really been butts all week with how they have done everything. The his FSM called and said if he has another wreck in the next 3 years he is fired. Even if it is a non preventable! Screw them!!! So annoying. So now I have that to worry about! Stupid beep beep beeeps! Anyways. Monday morning after not sleeping all night I had to take John to work. we never really thought about it in advance or I would have tried to get some sleep. My sleep schedule is forever screwed... anyways. I decided to go to the art store before I came home. Actually I went to quite a few stores but I will get there in a minute. So we leave at 6am to take John to work. Half ways their the Engine light came on. So when we got to his job we hooked it up to the OBD2 reader. Its reading P1899 PD. We have a 99 Dodge Stratus by the way... I had my mom look it up online and it said Park Neutral switch stuck in gear. So got to Walmart to wait for Auto zone to open and look to see if they got any Zhu Zhu pet tunnels in. No luck.... Waited outside Advanced Auto for 10 minutes and they finally opened. The 2 people in their were NO help at all and were completely ignorant. So I go back to look up the trouble code in one of the car manuals found it then looked up what the part does and how to fix it. (We have one of these books but it was at home and lost... :) ) Anyways. I go back up to ask to use their phone because my cell was out of minutes. The guy keeps repeating that I need to go to the dealer he can't help me. Well ok.. but can I use your phone. It took him forever to quite repeating himself and to let me use his phone.... annoyed much?? I sure as hell was. I called John to tell him what it controlled. Then went to the dealer to see how much it would cost to order the part & ask if it would be ok to drive with the problem. Well the dealer was pretty much no help at all either. I asked him a lttle more on how it worked and the only thing he would tell me is that I could have a problem starting my car or it could stop working. Ok... Then he sent me to where they order the parts. Its like $50.91 and is also called a rotary switch.... I didn't order it. Then I decided I was still going to Clarksburg to my art store....

My take on the Cliff Bar...
Go to Clarksburg wait at target for the art stores to open. Because they don't open till 9am. So I waited for an hour at target. Bought a Cliff bar to eat because there is nothing for breakfast for a vegan around there and I was to lazy to drive to walmart to get fruit. This cliff bar had the texture and appearance of a turd... yes a turd and it didn't taste much better... so needless to say I only ate a few bites. lol.. yes more then 1..give me a break I was sleepy & hungry... I never eat "energy.. protein ... (what ever you want to call them) Bars... I don't know why I decided this would be the day to begin....

Jo Anne Fabrics
Finally opened at 9 so I went in thinking it would be an in and out run. But when your tired everything looks so no, but I couldn't remember everything I wanted fabric for. The Fusible webbing that was on sale on line wasn't on sale at the store... She did give me a 40% off coupon for it and she did mark down one other one to the sale price online. But it was annoying. Then I couldn't decide which fabrics I wanted.... I shouldn't have been out shopping... lol. Lets just say it took me 2 hours & 10 minutes to spend $24.00. Awful! Then when I was in line the same lady who always screws up checking stuff out for me screw up someone elses by not putting in 50% off competitors coupon in right. So she refunded the WHOLE..... purchase and started all over... after they argued about it for 10 minutes.. And she was the only cashier.... Finally they opened another register but it wouldn't have done me any thing to go to the other so I stayed put. Finally it was my turn. and she had the nerve to bite off my head... For nothing! She really annoyed me... O lord... please give me patients.... So I finally got checked out even though I had to check out two separate purchases because the Manager had given me another coupon....So i used a 10% off my entire purchase coupon & a 40% off coupon. Plus the manager gave me the webbing for the online price which was 40% off I think.
My Total for the JAF was $20.80 w/o tax
Before sales & coupons $30.50 w/o tax

AC Moore
Then I went to AC Moore. I had a 50% off coupon for them. I looked around a couple minutes. Grabbed a 2 pack value pack of canvas that was on sale 40% off. Then I was blank.... It also took me 2 hours at spend $27.43 here. I was sleeping, I couldn't get a hold of John, and I just wasn't sure which things I wanted, and which direction I wanted my next art project to do... So then I looked at a little of everything. They had all kinds of gorgeous beads on sale for 50% off each pack. I looked at those for a long while had a bunch picked out and decided against getting them. Then I was looking at Screen Printing stuff because I have been wanted to do that for over a year not. I will sooner of later! .... Then painting, and baking, stamps, block printing, clay... a little of everything. But I finally got 2 paint brushes that were at 50% off. Actually they were more off but not sure how much. I got 2 plain Hanes T-shirts. And a book called Book Craft that talks about binding your own book. Which I am looking forward to doing and selling later on.
My Total: $25.88 w/o tax
Before sales & coupons Total: $52.06

Total saving between the 2 art stores $35.88 ... go mmeeee... go meeee.... lol :)

I also went to Toys R Us & the gas station. I forgot or maybe was to lazy to stop by Krogers & another store to get my face moisturizer..Plus I stopped at Taco Bell and got a Bean Burrito w/ just beans..

I had a long day. Came home around 3pm and finally went to bed around 11pm.

O' yeah
I made a veggie Pizza last night too... with a little bit of everything. Even Made my own sauce W/ Flax.

Easy Pizza Sauce w/Flax

2 or 3 Stewed Tomatoes
1/4 Cup Tomato Sauce
1 Whole Roasted Red Bell Pepper
1/3 Cup Chickpeas (optional)
2 Tbsp Flax, Ground
1/4 to 1/2 tsp Pizza Spice

Blend all and the put on Pizza.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Anyone catch this on tv. So annoying... I seen it on the SYFY Channel at like 2:45am. It doesn't mention how many lose their lives not just animals but humans due to animal research... Come on people there are new ways... There are also I think 3 other commercials.... WOW... Knock out Mice Definition. You should search knock out mice and look at some of the websites that sale them... Little boxing mice show up....

Action For Animal Holiday Leafletting

I just received my Action for animals recipe leaflets and am so excited to go leafleting.... for the first time ever. Maybe a little scarred too... I haven't had the best experiences with people finding out I was a vegan so this will be an anxiety trip for me. But I am sure everything will go good Can't wait to do it so. Maybe I will have John do photos so I can put them up here. You know I ordered 250 copies and I didn't realize how many copies that was.... wow....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chey's B-day and Cake!

Chey's B-day went well. Made her a Chocolate Brownie cake this year.I used the very easy Chocolate cake recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking, actually 1 made 2 double recipes for 2- 9x13 cakes. But after that I got lazy and used some boxed items. Duncan Hines Family style brownies. (which to my knowledge are vegan. If I'm wrong please someone tell me.) And some Duncan Hines chocolate & vanilla icing which are both vegan. Normally I make icing. But I was running short on time, energy, and powder sugar. Oops... lol. But it turned out really good. Everyone loved it! (The photo was taken at my parents house).

To replace the egg in the Brownie mix I used 1 Tbsp Flax with 3Tbsp water. And for the 2nd egg I used 1/4 cup Raspberries apple sauce with 1 tsp baking powder. (Actually I accidentally used corn starch.. but I meant to add baking powder ...oops ). They still turned out though. You do need to cook them a few minutes longer. The apple sauce must really up the most. So cook longer or maybe add a small amount of flour or Arrowroot. I do have a problem with them getting done around the edges before they get done in the middle too. If anyone has any ideas like turning down the heat and maybe cooking them longer... let me know. I made these in a 9x13 pan and they turn out thin. So you might want to try 2 boxes. Although they work best in small batches. But they turn out thin even when my Mom makes them with eggs. They do have a slightly different texture. But they are not as bad as some of the other vegan brownies I have tried. They still taste great and if you get them at the right temperature they bake nicely. Still working on just the right concoction to equal the texture of eggs though.

She had a great day. Playing games and opening her presents. But I think the high- light of her presents were the cool new Zhu Zhu pets. Mom told me about these things a few weeks ago. She couldn't find them online anywhere so I went on the hunt. Luckily one day I was up very early for an Old Navy sale and checked at Walmart and Target at 8am and finally found them. But I thought they would be just a dumb new kids thing. But they where actually kinda cool. We opened one of the hamsters and turned it on. I was whispering to Chey and it was running across the carpet. All of a sudden my Grandmas says " Its going to run out the door!" and I turned around and sure enough it was trying to make a break for it... lol... But the Zhu Zhu pets are super cute and you can get beds, tunnels, wheels, and even clothing for the things. I will have to post some pictures later. She ended up getting 2 Hamsters, 2 tunnel things, a carrier, and a bed from my parents and John and I. She will be getting some more of it for Christmas. We have 2 other Hamsters, 2 more tunnels, and another bed & carrier. I am hoping to hunt down the whole set by then though. I like early morning shopping so wish me luck! She got lots of other stuff too that she really liked. Some Polly pockets, baby in my pockets, horses, books, clothing, and other small in your pocket

Then I was handing out the presents so I could give her the Zhu Zhu pets and tunnels last and left my husband to take pictures of her opening gifts. Well of course leave a man to his own devises and I get these :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Chickens

The chickens are full crown now. All the Hens are laying. My Lil Banti Chicken just started laying last week. She has small cute little eggs. The chickens like to eat their eggs. They will break them and Drink them with the heads up just like they do when they drink water. Sometimes we do have to remove the eggs though. They build up and they don't do anything with them. But alot of the time they do eat them.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Sales, Coupons, & Shopping

Went to the art store again yesterday. Got a couple things I have been needing or wanting....

Picked up a Set of Princeton art and Brush co. paint brushes that were 50% off. Think I should have gotten a couple more plus a few extra singles. They were originally $9.99. Got them for $4.98.
Picked up a Speedball Ribber Speedy carve rubber stamp making mat. Normally $6.99 but I used a 40% off coupon and got it for like $4.19.

Got a Martha Stewart Hole punch w/ three interchangeable whole sizes normally $24.99 it was on sale for 40% off. So it was $14.99.

Art store total for the day 24.16 + tax

I also went to the book Store. They don't carry many vegan books. More then what They used to but I was in luck one of the books I had on my list was there. So I purchased "The 30 minute vegan" with a 40% off coupon. That makes it cheaper then amazons price. Wish I caught all the coupons Borders sent my way. But I have a bad habit of missing them. so $18.95 with 40% of is $11.37 + tax.

Grocery shopping which I don't mention to much was also a coupon event today. Had a $3.00 off coupon for foods that include Spectrum, Arrowhead Mills, Imagine, Hain Pure foods, and Sun spine. Had to purchase 3 products that totaled $10.00 or more. Plus I had a $1.00 off coupon for Arrow head mills. So I combined them. I bought 2 Imagine No-Chicken Broth for $2.99 each and Arrow head mills Buckwheat cake mix for $4.99. So grand total would have been 10.97 + tax but I got it for 6.97 + tax. So I thought that was pretty good. It is hard to find coupon for the natural products but I have been trying my best lately. I have found some organic spice coupons, tofurky coupons, and some other verious products.

I have been looking for a Tofurky and Celebration Roast and have not been able to find one at any of our local stores... I really hope I find one but I am starting to loce hope. They normally have them by now.

Also haven't be able to find the Vegan Worchshire sauce or canned purred sweet potato... whats going on this year? Everything is disappearing. Even common stuff like Boca & Morningstar Vegan burgers.... :(

But I think I had a pretty successful shopping day. Saved alot of Money.

  • Total of all products: 71.89 +tax
  • My Total: 42.50 + tax Saved: 29.39

O' Yeah, Last week at Old Navy had a great sale. The first 50 customers that came with their add and their o=Old Navy Credit card got 50% off everything they purchased that morning. So John and I got a bunch off stuff Nice shopping day! We Spent over $300.00 before our discount. We bought slippers, 3 jackets, 2 shirts, 2 totes, some clothes for Chey, 3 pair of jeans, 2 sets of socks. 1 pack undies, 1 pair night pants.. I'm not sure what else.. We had 10 items. After the 50% off discount it was $155.28 tax included. It was awesome! Did I mention we stood in line for over an hour that morning. We were the 5th & 6th people in line. Lots of people were there. Everyone else got 30% off. They still might have that promotion going on. when we was inline we had to wait for so long we also got two 5 dollar coupons for our next visit.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy World Vegan Day

Just wanted to say HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY to everyone! Be back soon to post