Sunday, June 5, 2011

Farmers Market: Trial and Error & Yard Sale

Today was the 3rd Farmers market in our small town and I finally made it to this one. I baked ... ALOT! yesterday... and I shouldn't have baked quite so much.... But it was an ok turn out and I will probably do it again later on this summer... But I am going to wait till they get more venders I think. Chey came with, and sold some yummy lemonade to go with all the vegan baked goods. Hope everyone loved them. When it was over I went around and gave some away to the other venders and the guy who runs it swapped me for a loaf of his bread. So that was really nice...

Our Little table. The signs on the table had the prices of everything..
They were cute but cumbersome! and even thou the prices were right there..
Everyone still asked... 
Spent the day before making these chalk boards. With an old closet shelf cut into. Then I used chalk board paint I bought at Lowes for 14.98 a pint or a quart.... I have to go look later.... But I put three coats on these to get a nice even coat. They turned out really nice.. Just wish my boards were a little smoother... But if you use a wet paper towel everything comes off really nicely!

Plus they were really cute.. Think I am going to make one for my kitchen.

Chey sitting in the sun. After these were taken we got some umbrellas to sit under to keep from burning up!
After the farmers market I went to a small town yardsale that was benefiting our new food pantry. I bought 3 games: In a Pickle, Cranium WOW, and Cranium Cadoo. I also bought a group of 4  Pyrex mixing bowls. Some were woodland some golden butterfly. Chey bout the Pictinary man game... They had really good prices! Think in the near future I will collect some info from them and then buy some food to donate.... Vegan food only of course! :) Pictures of the bowls when I get the chance...