Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Normally every Christmas we get up early and got to my families house a few counties away. But this year it snowed so John and I decided to stay home for the day. Although I missed seeing everyone on Christmas it was nice staying home with my Husband for the entire day, watching movies, reading while he played on his PS3 and eating left overs from our Christmas eve dinner. It was a nice quite Christmas and I really enjoyed it.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas every year for us is normally started on Christmas eve with at least a dinner at My parents house. But this year we also had breakfast and a morning full of family as well.

We started out the day at John's Families house for breakfast and for the children of the family to get their presents. We took Vegan pancakes and Lightlife vegan sausage with us to eat. It was really good even rewarmed. My little nephew even ate one of our pancakes because he didn't want the waffles that everyone else had. He didn't even notice a difference :) and gobbled it up.

Me on the couch, Jessica, one of the girls I grew up with is also married to John's brother, and John on the 2nd sofa.
The boys with their new toys from their Grandparents. They were so cute running around the house.

But the Big Boys had just as much fun as the little ones running around the house shotting each other.

We stayed there for a few hours that morning and then came home so I could make dinner so that we could go to my parents house for the evening.  I made Tofurky basted in soy sauce, olive oil, sage, and brown sugar, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, roasted sweet potatoes, and stuffing. Everything turned out so yummy we stuffed.  :) Served in my awesome pyrex casserole dishes.

I also made gingerbread cupcakes with Lemon icing from Vegan cupcakes take over the world. Those on the other hand I didn't like and neither did anyone else. John said they were ok. But.... Maybe without the lemon icing I made. The lemon icing on its own was good. I bet the cupcakes alone would have been good. But together they just didn't mix.

After dinner we always open our presents because we leave early Christmas morning.
John and his creepy new stocking stuffy... Face protection for the winter...  But still creepy... lol

He finally got the number 1 game he had been wanting. 

Chloe finally getting her stocking.

My parents had also given us money toward our new 40" TV we had picked up early while it was on sale.

 We have decided to make a new tradition that I have fallen in love with. It is simple and sweet and makes for a nice, warming, Christmas eve evening. Every Christmas we are going to open new Christmas PJs and watch Christmas movies all evening. This year we watching Home Alone & The Christmas story. We had a really nice day with all our family close to us.
She also opened her stocking from us on Christmas eve during our movie evening.

John and I had swapped gifts a few days in advance since he already had his PS3 he let me have my Kindle and order a couple books. 
So I gave him his other gifts.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Holiday Activities

Every year the school puts on a Christmas show. This year my little sister is in 3rd grade and the two third grade teachers come together each year and have the kids perform not just songs but a play. This year they did a little western play and it was so cute.

On the same day we had the Christmas party at the school. We didn't plan the parties this year so I don't really have to much to add. But I did make Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes both from The Joy of vegan baking. They turned out really good. I have tried white vegan cupcakes in the paste and I haven't liked them. But that recipe is really yummy.

The parent who planned the party didn't plan anything but a present swap and a guessing game . The presents swap went really well. Every parent sent in a $5 gift and all the gifts turned out really nice. Chey got a Mermaid Barbie.

After that there really wasn't anything to do for the last hour of the party so my mother had luckily brought some of the games we had left from planning the party last year and we planned a couple of them. and the kids got to get out of their seats and have some fun for a while. But over all I think the kids had a good time. For the next party I am planning the games.

Playing per kid request... Present Present Coal

One last thing.
Christmas is a Christian holiday. I understand that and I take it with an open heart and open arms. But even with this being said.... I was caught off guard when prayers were started at the Schools Christmas program and although it is warming and a nice gesture. How many children were not Christian and felt uncomfortable during this.  None of the school administrators said it. That was handed off to someone else since the school isn't really aloud to. But I just couldn't help but to look around the auditorium afterwards and wonder how many students celebrate other religions. How many students would have been uncomfortable because they believe in other religions. I wish these celebrations would celebrate everyone. Not just the Christian Holiday. There are so many other Holidays for other faiths this time of year and they should have the same privilege of celebrating with the community and showing us how they celebrate as Christians do. I really wish they had that chance.

So with open hands and an open heart for all I wish you all Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Monster Cake for John's 29th Birthday

John just turned 29...

When I was looking for some ideas for Chey's cake I came across a really cute Cookie monster cake and John was standing there and jokingly said I want that cake for my birthday...

So cute :)

He really liked it. I was so glad :)

I made the Chocolate cake recipe from The Joy of vegan baking with a hint of mint added. Then I added hint if mint to the icing too. It turned out really good. The hint was perfect. I'm not big on mint chocolate but I will make this again.
I also made Vegan chocolate chip cookies. So that I could put one on the cookie monster cake.

Chloe enjoyed liking the plates...Yum Yum.

Cute Rooster Card from my Parents
I think John had a good Birthday this year.  He got a PS3 and a bunch of games that was also his Christmas present. We picked the games up on Black Friday and got a killer deal. He is really happy and has been playing alot since we picked it up. So I am happy to see him have some enjoyment. He has worked so hard this year.

 Happy Birthday John!!!! I love you!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our first Gingerbread house

I am 25 years old and have never put together or decorated a gingerbread house. I have been thinking about purchasing a house cookie cutter kit but have failed to year after year.  but when mom went grocery shopping she decided to pick up a precooked house for Chey to put together and she called me to help her.

This is our experience in a couple
First the walls. Atleast they stayed pretty well.

The roof kept sliding off. Over and over again.

Chloe would not leave mom alone. she kept following her around
the house barking and Mom went to the computer and this is where Chloe

Melting already. My parents keep their house really warm. So the house never stood a chance.

Chey did a great job on her side of the roof.

Mom finally figured out that Chloe just wanted the bones that Chey had put in Missy's Stocking..
.lol She then she tore it off the

Me and Chey. we had fun even though the house looked like it was crying.
It was actually pretty funny.

Santa's and his ride

Mom tried the ginger bread.... But that was the only taste

After the stocking

We decided to add the little soldier for John.

So it didn't turn out the best. But it was fun. Just wish it had been vegan. Maybe next time it won't look like its crying. lol